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Beyonce Among Top 10 Highest Valued Social Media Influencers of 2020 According to D’Marie Analytics

D’Marie Analytics releases Annual Top 10 Highest Valued Social Media Influencers list for 2020


New York, New York: Consumer engagement across social media contributes to record-high valuations in 2020 with the majority of the included sports and entertainment celebrities listed being valued, for the first time ever, above $1 million per post, according to D’Marie Analytics annual top 10 highest valued social media influencer list.

The primarily female-dominated list also includes notable celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. D’Marie Analytics, a Bloomberg Portal style platform for influencer insights, confirms that  COVID accelerated the growing trend of brands tapping influencers and doubled down in 2020 on user-generated content from celebrities and influencers to stabilize sales during this difficult year.

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Watch What Waitress Does When Perv Grabs Her Booty; Waitress Speaks Out (Video)

Emelia Holden - man groping her1
*Ryan Cherwinski thought he could just walk by Emelia Holden, grab her butt, and keep it movin’ like it never even happened. Unfortunately he didn’t realize that Emily don’t play that and she instantly made him realize he just effed up.

As you can see in thepic above (and video below), Holden, 21, didn?t hesitate to take matters into her own hands when Cherwinski groped her during her shift at Vinnie Van Go-Go?s in Savannah, Georgia on June 30. Holden immediately turns around and grabs him by his collar and slams him into a counter.

?I looked at him and I said, ?You don?t touch me, motherf??!? ? Holden tells PEOPLE. ?I didn?t even think, I just reacted. I don?t know how I reacted the way I did. I?ve never done that before.?

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Victoria Beckham Poses After ‘Small Stress Fracture’ and Certainly NOT Bunion Surgery…

Women are 10 times more likely than men to develop bunions. These foot issues can be extremely painful but rarely make international news. When a model, singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, and superstar has bunion trouble, however, people want to know about it.

Victoria Beckham, 43, has suffered with bunions for years and even admitted hating her feet because of it, saying: “I hate my feet, they are the most disgusting thing about me.”

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Oh Boy! Are These Restaurants Ripping us Off! Yep, Chefs & Servers Speak Out on How

*Hey, most of us were suspect from the start. We know that every time we are seated at a table and the server asks, “What can I get for you?”

We’re about to get jacked! 

I mean, c’mon, why does a burger and beverage (Lemonade) at a restaurant come out to $25 — with a tip suggestion at 15, 18 or higher percentage? We can buy two packs of meat and make burgers for days…for much less.

A-n-y-w-a-y…I digress.

Recently, chefs, servers and other restaurant employees confirmed some of our suspicions when they shared some of the the ?biggest ripoffs that your restaurants sell? on Reddit. You may even notice a few surprises on the list, too. Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT ON: Bigi Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Boy Has Gone and Grown Himself Up! (New Video Shows Lots of Personality!)

*We may have more chances to see Michael Jackson’s beautiful daughter, Paris, since she posts so regularly on social media, and has a recurring role on STAR, one of the hottest TV shows currently on Fox. And from time to time her brother Prince, though not as visible, may pop up in an interview or via family photos or videos on special occasions, but we remain fascinated about Michael’s youngest son, formerly known as ‘Blanket’ but has since changed the moniker to reflect a more grown up image, ‘Biji’.

Just look atcha!

The 15-year-old, immediately recognizable by his long, dark hair (eyebrows to die for!) and focused gaze through beautiful brown eyes. He has always appeared to be extremely shy, and is rarely seen. But now, in a new video published by his big sis, we hear and see the teen having fun with his homies; caught snoring with his mouth open (friends, can you ever really trust them!?); and playing with a baby at a birthday party.

We also see the teen as he appears to be running errands with his uncle, TJ, who recently gained full guardianship; voluntarily given by his aged grandmother, Katherine.

At one point in the video (scroll down), Bigi is heard asking a female friend, “What exactly is Ecstasy (the hallucinogenic drug)?” before the video cuts to the teen watching a concert performance with the overlay “not having it” written on screen. Continue reading

Ryan Seacrest Joining List of Sexual Abusers? (I Smell a Rat!)

*What!? No, not Ryan Seacrest! I don’t believe it! When I heard a woman claimed Ryan Seacrest from American Idol, KIIS radio, and numerous other hot properties had demonstrated sexually inappropriate behavior towards her, you could’ve bowled me over with a feather. 

Ryan Seacrest? The dude is as white-bread as they come. He has always appeared to be a gentleman. I’m sorry, he just doesn’t fit the mold and I would be shocked if others jumped on board with allegations against him.

Seacrest adamantly denies the claims, calling them “reckless allegations” and adding that he would ?cooperate with any corporate inquiries that may result.

“I?m proud of my workplace reputation, and believe my track record will speak for itself. I?m an advocate for women. I will continue to support their voices,? Seacrest said in a statement through his attorney.

Yet and still, a woman who worked as his stylist says that from 2007 to 2010, Seacrest engaged in a variety of yet-to-be specified sexually inappropriate actions towards her. Continue reading

Coleman Young II Wants To Follow In Legendary Father’s Footsteps, Announces Bid For Mayor of Detroit


*A term-limited Michigan state senator says he wants to become the next mayor of the city of Detroit, following in his legendary father’s footsteps.

Coleman Young was Detroit’s first black mayor, and its longest running, serving from 1974 to 1994.  He was a hero in metro Detroit’s African American community when I was growing up there.  Young was renowned — or infamous, depending on who described him — for not shying away from public debates, be it on the air with prominent television news anchors like the late Bill Bonds, or at town halls with prominent Republican politicians from neighboring counties, like L. Brooks Patterson.

Boy, we could use a “Coleman Young” on the national stage right now, huh? 

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