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The New Look of Immigration: Haitians Opt for Mexico Instead of the US

Far from home, Haitians build new lives in Tijuana

*There’s an interesting situation going on in Mexico of all places. In Tijuana, immigrants from Haiti have found a welcoming home and have set up what appears to be a small, but growing community on it’s way to sustaining itself, reports the San Diego Union:

For John Arold Lazarre, the plan was to migrate to Miami, to join his aunts, uncles and cousins there. He would build a new life in the United States and send money home to his young son and widowed mother in La Gon?ve, Haiti.

Tijuana? That was never his dream.

But now a year after arriving at Mexico?s northern border, the 29-year-old migrant has no plans to move away. ?I never want to go anywhere illegally again,? Lazarre said one night last week as he prepared for an overnight shift helping guide airplanes at Tijuana?s A.L.Rodr?guez International Airport.

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Multiple Food Products Recall for Items Found At Trader Joe?s, Walmart, Kroger and Others

food items

*Dang, it’s the holiday season when folks look forward to getting their grub on when they visit friends and family. That means the last thing anyone wants to worry about is getting sick or even dying from food poisoning.

Unfortunately that’s the risk and reality we’re faced with as we’ve learned that food items such as salads, taquitos, tikka masala and more ready-to-eat food in your frig or freezer from McCain Foods could be part of a massive food recall.

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Would You Like Fries with Your Grilled Rat? – Read Why Burger Joint was Shut Down – VIDEO

The restaurant should re-open once it is cleaned and equipment is replaced.

rat being grilled

Lord have mercy! This story is a real stomach turner.  That is unless you’re into eating rats.

In Hawaii, a restaurant there found itself being forced to shut down if only temporarily after video of a rodent being cooked on its grill went viral on social media, according to reports.

?We are horrified a former employee would create something like this trying to destroy our reputation without regard for our 20-plus years of quality and aloha,?  Teddy?s Bigger Burgers President Richard Stula told Hawaii News Now.

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How to Ask Your Landlord for Repairs

One of the perks of renting an apartment or house is that you aren’t responsible for much of the property maintenance. While renters are, of course, expected to keep a property clean, tenants are rarely required to fix damages or handle renovations.

However, there is a downfall to this dynamic. Though you don’t have to fit repairs into your own busy schedule, your landlord does. In some unfortunate cases, tenants end up waiting for days or even weeks for necessary repairs to their living space.

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2018 Hurricane Season Damaged or Destroyed Over 1 Million Vehicles

Throughout 2017, there were 10 massive storms in a row that became hurricanes, a feat that hasn’t happened since 1893. Though 2017 was filled with some of the more catastrophic storms that the world has ever seen, 2018 has been pretty rough, as well — especially when it comes to vehicle damage.

There are four main causes of auto body damage, including negligence, fender benders, high-speed collisions, and weather. For most U.S. drivers, bad weather might mean heavy snowfall, foggy views, or some strong winds. But during a hurricane, weather can go from bad to horrible in a matter of seconds.

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When Your Bedroom Is Your Office: How Environment Influences Productivity

Picture an office. The image you conjured is probably generic and professional, almost to a fault: cubicles that span the length of a seemingly endless building, each with their own identical rolly chairs and computer-desk setups — if you pictured employees, Jim and Pam from the cleverly named The Office emerge, as ordinary and unimportant as their environment.
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Classic Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018

It’s October already. With the busy life of parenting, it can be easy for time to slip past without realizing it, and holidays can creep up faster than you expect. Halloween is just around the corner, and your kid is going to need a good costume for trick-or-treating. If you forgot to think of a costume idea for your kid or yourself don’t worry. Here are a few simple costume ideas to hopefully inspire your Halloween creation.

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