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How to Ask Your Landlord for Repairs

One of the perks of renting an apartment or house is that you aren’t responsible for much of the property maintenance. While renters are, of course, expected to keep a property clean, tenants are rarely required to fix damages or handle renovations.

However, there is a downfall to this dynamic. Though you don’t have to fit repairs into your own busy schedule, your landlord does. In some unfortunate cases, tenants end up waiting for days or even weeks for necessary repairs to their living space.

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2018 Hurricane Season Damaged or Destroyed Over 1 Million Vehicles

Throughout 2017, there were 10 massive storms in a row that became hurricanes, a feat that hasn’t happened since 1893. Though 2017 was filled with some of the more catastrophic storms that the world has ever seen, 2018 has been pretty rough, as well — especially when it comes to vehicle damage.

There are four main causes of auto body damage, including negligence, fender benders, high-speed collisions, and weather. For most U.S. drivers, bad weather might mean heavy snowfall, foggy views, or some strong winds. But during a hurricane, weather can go from bad to horrible in a matter of seconds.

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When Your Bedroom Is Your Office: How Environment Influences Productivity

Picture an office. The image you conjured is probably generic and professional, almost to a fault: cubicles that span the length of a seemingly endless building, each with their own identical rolly chairs and computer-desk setups — if you pictured employees, Jim and Pam from the cleverly named The Office emerge, as ordinary and unimportant as their environment.
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Classic Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018

It’s October already. With the busy life of parenting, it can be easy for time to slip past without realizing it, and holidays can creep up faster than you expect. Halloween is just around the corner, and your kid is going to need a good costume for trick-or-treating. If you forgot to think of a costume idea for your kid or yourself don’t worry. Here are a few simple costume ideas to hopefully inspire your Halloween creation.

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Seal Slaps A Kayaker With An Octopus In A Viral Video

In the waters of New Zealand, man and beast (and another beast) got a little too close for comfort. Kyle Mulinder was calmly kayaking when a seal breached the waters and slapped him in the face with a flailing octopus.

Mulinder and his friends were kayaking on the coast of Kaikoura in the South Island when they saw the seal and octopus begin to fight in the waters nearby. In a split second, the tussle came to them and Mulinder was hit by the tentacles of the octopus as the seal flung it around. When Mulinder told the story to Australia’s Seven News, he said that the strangest part was being able to feel all of the hard parts of the octopus on his face.

Luckily, Mulinder works for GoPro and had a camera attached to the front of his boat that captured the entire encounter. He posted the video to Instagram and from there it was posted to Twitter, gaining thousands of likes and shares along the way. This attention raised this question for many: what precisely was a seal doing with a large octopus in its jaws?

According to Peter Cook, assistant professor of psychology at the New College of Florida who specializes in animal cognition, the mammal in question is technically a sea lion, not a seal as a majority of news outlets are reporting. Compared to seals, sea lions are more outgoing and eat a wider variety of animals, including crabs, squids, and octopuses.

Sea lions tend to eat these forms of marine wildlife in less predictable ways. While the sea lion in the video may be playing with its food, as sea lions tend to do, the thrashing is also a practical technique. Sea lions do not have grinding teeth, making chewing an octopus or slippery fish very difficult. To break their prey into bite-size pieces, sea lions will bring it to the surface and smash it on the water.

Although it’s entertaining to imagine that the sea lion was using the octopus as a makeshift defense against Mulinder, it was most likely trying to eat its lunch. As water covers 71% of the Earth, Mulinder just happened to be kayaking in the section where this natural battle between predator and prey was taking place. 

They’re Home Free! Two Georgia Women Imprisoned in Kuwait Released After 11 months

They were sentenced to 20+ years on what family members say were trumped-up drug charges.

monique & larissa
Monique and Larissa

(Via WIVB) –  Monique Coverson and her partner, Larissa are back home in Georgia. They returned home  after a judge found them innocent.

Back in 2015, after sitting in prison without charges, the two were sentenced 20 to 25 years after a legal, tobacco-like substance was found in their Kuwait home. Coverson said the substance was none of theirs in the first place. She says she distinctly remembers hearing the loud bangs of people forcing themselves into their home.

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Pic of Father Changing Son Goes Viral; Spurs Realization That Dads Need Changing Tables Too

*After a photo of a father having to change his baby son’s diaper while squatting went viral, it prompted a call for men’s public restrooms to require changing tables, just like the women’s restrooms.

?This is a serious post!!! What?s the deal with not having changing tables in men?s bathroom as if we don?t exist!!? Donte Palmer, a high school teacher in Jacksonville, Fla., captioned an Instagram photo of him changing his son?s diaper in a restaurant bathroom. ?Clearly, we do this often because look how comfortable my son is. It?s routine to him!!!! Let?s fix this problem!? Palmer also called on activist and football quarterback Colin Kaepernick to ?drop a knee to this issue!?

After The Shade Room published the photo, it got more than 400,000 likes.

Palmer, 31, told Yahoo Lifestyle that the September 15th image reflects his daily routine with his three boys, ages 12, 7, and 1.

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Man Who Brought Live Snake to Waffle House Tells His Side of the Story – WATCH

'Most of the people be like can I rub him, do he bite, do he have teeth?'

*Earlier we told you about a man in Mississippi who made the unwise decision to bring his live snake into a Waffle House restaurant and the chaos that ensued. As you can imagine, video of the incident has gone viral.

Now, the McComb, MS resident (Gary Lewis) is speaking out and venting his frustration about the situation

?Most of the people think it?s kinda crazy for a guy to be having a live snake around his neck,? he said as he wrapped it around his neck.

Lewis says he takes his pet snake named LB everywhere and has never had a problem.

?This was the worse I have seen right here,” said Lewis. “Normally when I walk in a public place or something, you might have one or two people like, oh he got a snake, but never had any kinda reaction like this.?

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