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The Oddest Sports to Ever Feature in the Olympics

Do you have an athletic and active lifestyle? Getting enough exercise is vital for human health. Cardio activities and high-intensity, muscle-burning activities can truly be life-changing. Many of these sports can be performed outdoors, and for those interested, low-impact sports such as fishing are a fine way to get some fresh air. In 2017, for a fairly recent example, some 11.6 million youth participants aged six to 17 took part in fishing across the United States. There is also hiking, rock climbing, and more.

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The Surprising Top Sports With Millennials and Gen Z

Many people believe that the Millennial generation isn’t big on sports, with many blaming them for the decline in popularity of many sports. Some even suspect that, because of a lack of interest from Millennials and younger generations, football will no longer be one of America’s favorite sports by as early as 2050. However, this isn’t entirely accurate; many Millennials do love sports, just not the sports people expect. Here are some of the most popular sports with the Millennial generation. Continue reading

Cyclist Pedals 650 Kilometers, Wins 100 Kilometer Race, Pedals 650 Kilometers Home

Too many people have fairly basic aspirations. It’s refreshing to see people doing awesome things that you’d never expect from most other humans out there. Check this guy out.

Meet Kyle Messier. He’s a 31-year-old bicycle mechanic from Waterloo, Ontario. He’s, shall we say, a cycling enthusiast. He entered the Big Red Gravel Run, a 100-kilometer off-road race near Harrington, Quebec. New to racing, but no stranger to distance riding, he prepared himself. Instead of packing up the car and heading to the race, Messier hopped on his bike and pedaled 650 kilometers to Harrington over three and a half days.
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Ice Cream, Cereal, and Baseball: It Doesn’t Get Any More American Than That

Baseball and ice cream go together like, well, baseball and ice cream… 

Across the country, kids and adults alike enjoy a delicious frozen treat during nine wonderful innings of baseball. When you think about young up-and-coming MLB prospects, however, you don’t necessarily think about those athletes indulging in “unhealthy” treats like ice cream and other snacks. But that’s not the case with one Texas Rangers prospect.
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Mark Burnett’s ‘The Contender’ with Andre Ward Sets Premiere Date/Announces Fighters

12-Episode Boxing Competition Series Set to Premiere on August 24

andre ward - the contender

*LOS ANGELES ? Premium pay television network EPIX? has announced the 16 fighters who will be facing off with one another for the championship belt on the revival of boxing franchise series The Contender this fall.

The highly anticipated 12-episode season, from MGM Television and Paramount Television, will premiere on EPIX on Aug. 24, 2018 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Hosted by undefeated boxing champion Andre “Son of God? Ward, the first-of-its-kind competitive documentary series for the network will feature 16 fighters pushing their limits in grueling elimination-style fights and testing their grit and determination to achieve their boxing dreams. The fighters will be overseen by legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach, and renowned Philadelphia trainer Naazim Richardson.

?The Contender takes unscripted TV to its grittiest.  It has incredible professional fighters and real professional fights.  The edge of your seat drama and true stories sets a tone that our audiences will be expecting and I love it,? said Mark Burnett, President of MGM Television.

 ?With this new iteration of The Contender, the focus is on the gritty, personal stories of the fighters battling for boxing glory,? said Michael Wright, President, EPIX. ?It was important for us to find individuals who not only displayed the boxing chops and resilience in the ring, but who also showed a depth of heart and humor outside of it. Our 16 fighters are vivacious, tough, funny, sensitive, driven and inspiring, and we are excited for our fans to get to know their stories and root for them inside the ring and out.?

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China’s Soccer League’s Suffering From Newly Imposed Television Tattoo Ban

Tattoos have been growing in popularity all over the world, and many employers and workplaces are beginning to allow visible tattoos. The opposite seems to have occurred in China, however, as they banned tattoos and hip-hop from television late this past January.

The top media controller of the country made an announcement that they would now “specifically [require] that programs should not feature actors with tattoos [or depict] hip hop culture, sub-culture (non-mainstream culture) and dispirited culture (decadent culture),” according to a quote by Sina, a Chinese news outlet, published in a Time Magazine article.

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