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From smoker to marathon woman: Brazil woman (Sara Velloso) completes six of the world’s biggest races


The Abbott World Marathon Majors comprises six of the world’s largest marathons, stretching from Berlin to Tokyo. It’s a feat for any runner, let alone one who once deemed herself a sedentary smoker.

Brazil native Sara Velloso, an avid smoker for 17 years, is now, at 52, an accomplished competitor in the six-marathon stretch.

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Ten Reasons to Encourage you Children to Play Pickleball

Pickleball - Depositphotos_222414020_s-2019

Children in school these days run the full gamut of gym and schoolyard activities from a very young age. Elementary and middle school gym class can be fun and beneficial, but it can also be dangerous and emotionally exhausting.

With over 700,000 children 14 and younger being treated for sports-related injuries every year, there has never been a better time to encourage your children to participate in safe, fun, and engaging activities both at school and as recreational hobbies.

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The Oddest Sports to Ever Feature in the Olympics

Do you have an athletic and active lifestyle? Getting enough exercise is vital for human health. Cardio activities and high-intensity, muscle-burning activities can truly be life-changing. Many of these sports can be performed outdoors, and for those interested, low-impact sports such as fishing are a fine way to get some fresh air. In 2017, for a fairly recent example, some 11.6 million youth participants aged six to 17 took part in fishing across the United States. There is also hiking, rock climbing, and more.

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The Surprising Top Sports With Millennials and Gen Z

Many people believe that the Millennial generation isn’t big on sports, with many blaming them for the decline in popularity of many sports. Some even suspect that, because of a lack of interest from Millennials and younger generations, football will no longer be one of America’s favorite sports by as early as 2050. However, this isn’t entirely accurate; many Millennials do love sports, just not the sports people expect. Here are some of the most popular sports with the Millennial generation. Continue reading

Cyclist Pedals 650 Kilometers, Wins 100 Kilometer Race, Pedals 650 Kilometers Home

Too many people have fairly basic aspirations. It’s refreshing to see people doing awesome things that you’d never expect from most other humans out there. Check this guy out.

Meet Kyle Messier. He’s a 31-year-old bicycle mechanic from Waterloo, Ontario. He’s, shall we say, a cycling enthusiast. He entered the Big Red Gravel Run, a 100-kilometer off-road race near Harrington, Quebec. New to racing, but no stranger to distance riding, he prepared himself. Instead of packing up the car and heading to the race, Messier hopped on his bike and pedaled 650 kilometers to Harrington over three and a half days.
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Ice Cream, Cereal, and Baseball: It Doesn’t Get Any More American Than That

Baseball and ice cream go together like, well, baseball and ice cream… 

Across the country, kids and adults alike enjoy a delicious frozen treat during nine wonderful innings of baseball. When you think about young up-and-coming MLB prospects, however, you don’t necessarily think about those athletes indulging in “unhealthy” treats like ice cream and other snacks. But that’s not the case with one Texas Rangers prospect.
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