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Christian School Teacher Caught in Bed With Teen…By Her Husband!

Andrea Nicole Barber, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

*The husband of a former school teacher at Logan Christian Academy says he walked in on his 29-year-old wife while she was having sex with a 15-year-old student. Add to this, an anonymous email with photos of the two, were sent to the boys father asking if he knew his son was in a sexual relationship with the teacher.

Andrea Nicole Barber was arrested on Friday at her Cottage Grove, Oregon home. According to reports, she had been sleeping with the teen — sometimes even supplying alcohol and pot, since 2016. Continue reading

Florida May Get Rid of Controversial Religious Aid Rule

Under a proposal approved by a Constitution Revision Commission panel, Florida’s ban on state support for religious groups would be removed from the state constitution.

Currently, the state has a “no-aid” provision, which prohibits public funds to be used for any church religious group or sectarian institution. This no-aid provision dates back to 1885 and has been invoked in recent years over legal fights regarding using public funding to send students to private schools.
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It’s Safe to Say This Mother Takes Being A ‘Christian’ Too Far

*Here’s a head-shaker for ya!

Not only did a Pennsylvania woman force her below 13-year-old daughter to kneel down on the porcelain floor of a cold bathroom and recite verses from the Bible, each time the child made a mistake, her mother slammed her head into the wall. She also threatened to kill the child…while she was strangling her. In light of this you have to wonder…

What would Jesus do?

In court on Wednesday, Rhonda Kemp Shoffner pleaded guilty to charges that included  aggravated assault of her young daughter, strangulation, endangering the welfare of a child and terrorist threats. Continue reading

88-Year-Old Graduates From College, 58 Years After He Started


*I grew up hearing clich?s like “it’s never to late,” mainly from well-meaning people who were good at talking the talk even if they didn’t walk the walk.  But I’ll save all of that for my therapist…

That particular clich? — it’s never too late — I took to heart, and reenrolled in college after having dropped out a handful of years earlier when my eldest daughter was born.  There was almost a decade between my initial enrollment in college straight out of high school and my earning that BA…

Me and my eldest "little one," Janet circa 1993 at that college graduation!
Me and my eldest “little one” Janet circa 1993 at that college graduation!

…and I was pretty damned proud about all of that until I read about THIS gentleman:  Horace Sheffield finished his degree at 88-years-old, 58 years after he started!   Continue reading