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7 Tips For Training Your Pet During This Quarantine

Being stuck during this quarantine can be boring for both you and your pet. The pandemic is a time where people are trying to establish a long term financial plan while being forced at home. To save money and keep boredom at bay, you can spend quality time bonding with your pet. While you’re staying safe by social distancing, there are fun and educational things that you can do together to pass the time. Here are tips and activities for training your pet during this quarantine.

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How to Find the Best Hemp Oil for Dogs: What to Look For

Dog with CBD oil1

Nothing is more troublesome than watching your dog in pain or suffering emotional when all you want to do is ask them what is wrong. They go through similar ailments as humans, but they can’t tell you what’s bothering them.

You would try anything to help them, so when you heard that CBD is now being used on pets, you jumped online to see what products are available.

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Calling Fowl On Five Geese Who’ve Terrorized An Australian Family’s Farm

Nature is a beautiful, powerful thing. The scale at which nature exists, from the smallest cells to the highest peaks, we live among things that deserve a fair amount of awe. Hardwood trees take twenty or more years to fully mature, then continue to spread to the sky for hundreds of years after. Animals come in more shapes and sizes than we can fathom, yet more are discovered and born daily.

One nature loving Australian woman named Leslie Du Preez lives on her farm in rural Queensland, Australia. She found that some animals, though cute, lack manners and generally agreeable demeanors. Unfortunately for her, she found this out after adopting five geese and bringing them to her farm.

It was shortly after she welcomed them to her home that they became, shall we say, unruly. At first, she let them get acquainted with the farm and the other animals roaming around. That’s when the chaos began.

“They terrorized our poor sheep, they made little kids cry. The roosters got pecked and the peacock’s tail feathers got pulled out by them. There was no peaceful free-ranging and having a good time. It was mayhem,” she reported.

The tranquility of her farm had been torn asunder by the honking and pecking bills of these geese. She knew it was time to find them a new home. So, she set to making a Facebook post to sell these geese but filled it half-serious, half-tongue-in-cheek witticisms that come to be expected of Aussie banter and the post went viral.

She calls two of the five geese “arseholes” and jests about them tearing tires off moving cars, making grown men scream, and emotionally scarring young children.

“Don’t be fooled by their cute little beady eyes. They stare deep into your soul and know all your fears…Asking $50 and a bottle of scotch for recovery purposes,” she added at the end of the post.

The post went viral around Australia and fortunately for her, her farm, and the irritable geese, they’ve been relocated to another farm where they appear to be completely fine and are peacefully enjoying life. Du Preez said with jesting ire that they had betrayed her. In the end, she’s happy they have a new home and was glad the story of her farm and the arsehole geese caused some smiles around the world.

More Than Just Pizza Rat: Why Rats Might Be Smarter Than You Think


Rats are notorious for being sneaky, clever, and sometimes a bit silly. Their crafty nature and amusing antics have gotten them a fair bit of attention in recent years. The famous “Pizza Rat” video of a hungry rodent with a slice of pizza was uploaded to Youtube in September 2015, and since then the video has racked up over 10 million views. But Pizza Rat isn’t the only clever critter of his species; science suggests that rats are actually incredibly intelligent. Continue reading

Nitwit Brings Live Snake into Waffle House; Chaos Ensues – WATCH

Lord have mercy! What da hell was this fool thinking? And when the cops show up, he tries to act like it’s no big deal. Like his rights were being denied or something.

It went down in Mississippi last Saturday (09-15-18), but we’re just now getting wind of it. The crazy azz situation was caught on video at the 24-hour chain in McComb, and was shared on social media where it has since gone viral.

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Peculiar Cat Finds Forever Home That’s Down With The Thiccness

The internet is amazing. We wouldn’t write on the internet if it wasn’t. Sometimes getting your content out there takes some serious marketing hustle and only around 58% of marketing professionals claim to be successful in achieving their marketing goals.

This animal shelter, however, crushed it. Wright-Way Rescue had a cat up for adoption. His name is Bruno. He’s not a regular cat, he’s a cool cat. By cool cat, we mean he’s very particular about his existence. Weighing 25 pounds and habitually standing on his hind legs while quizzically staring at everything sassily, he is a very peculiar boy. He refuses to eat his food without being petted. He will not eat his food if his water bowl is visible. He will only deign to play with one toy, his feather wand. Oh, and don’t you dare touch his belly.

?Bruno was surrendered to Wright-Way from his previous owner in Southern Illinois. They had him since he was a kitten, but sadly he didn?t mesh very well with the kids in the home. It was a very hard decision for them since he is such a special cat,” said the marketing director for Wright-Way.

So there he was but wasn’t getting adopted for his litany of specificities, so the shelter went to social media.

?Our thicc boi Bruno is now reviewing applications for the *PERFECT* home. The more EXTRA, the better,? Wright-Way posted on Facebook.

It went viral and the applications flooded in. And they were mightily extra. From the masses, a woman named Lauren Paris out-extra-ed the pool of applicants. She sent letters of recommendation, a home tour video, and wrote and performed her own original song for the cat. She lives for the applause. Girl, you’re doing amazing.

Paris and Bruno are now together. Extra human and extra cat have forever homes together, basking in their collective glory. Bruno, of course, has his own Instagram, so you can follow his exploits.

It’s such a heartwarmingly weird story that speaks to the effect of social media just doing the thing, and doing it well. We wish Bruno and Lauren all the happiness and we can muster, plus a little extra.

Man So Angry About Service Dog on Plane, He Punched It and It’s Deaf, Pregnant Owner (Watch)

Timothy Manley, Facebook photo

This man’s actions go beyond nerve, and surpasses any sense of entitlement.  Timothy Manley, who was traveling on a Frontier flight from from Colorado Springs  to Orlando with his wife and son on Friday took issue with a service dog  who was traveling with its owners; a pregnant, deaf woman and her deaf husband.

So he didn’t just complain about it. When the plane landed, Manley punched the dog, a Great Dane named Zariel; who yelped, shook her head and hid under a seat, according to the Orlando Police Department.

The dog’s owner, Hazel Ramirez, 21, and her 30-year-old partner, Matthew Silvay, also deaf, tried to yell at Manley.

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What Kind of Science Class Has Students Drowning Raccoons? This One, Apparently (Watch)

*A teacher of an agriculture class at Forest High School in Ocala, Fla. took it upon himself to drown two raccoons and a opossum, in his classroom, in front of his students.

Actually, he asked the students to help him do it.

Officials say the raccoons had eaten one of the live chickens being raised by the students in class, so I suppose the teacher was punishing the animals in this cruel, inhumane way.

Officials say the teacher, Dewie Brewton, who is currently on paid administrative leave, took two large cages, put the raccoons inside, and then placed them inside a large garbage can. I suppose the opossum was thrown in as well, but there was no mention. He and the students then filled the can with water, using a hose. In the video below, you can see the students standing around; someone wearing gloves appears to be pushing what can be assumed is the wire cage, underwater. One of the raccoons can be seen raising its snout above water in an attempt to breathe. Continue reading