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Illinois Bill to Add LGBT Courses to Public School Curriculum Met With Criticism (and Support)

*A new Bill that will incorporate LGBT courses into the public school curriculum is pending in the state of Illinois. If the Bill passes, public schools will add a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender section to history courses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In addition, schools will be required to use textbooks that portray the LGBT community as being part of a diverse society.

According to the report, those opposing the Bill are doing so only because they believe such decisions should be made at a local, not state, level.  And its no surprise that gay and transgender rights advocates are hoping the measure will pass.

Their argument?

The state has similar requirements for teaching the history of blacks and other groups. And it would provide a platform for stories about members of the LGBT community that often go untold. Continue reading

BET Founder Bob Johnson Still Trumpeting The Donald’s Administration As ‘Better Economically’ for African Americans (Listen)

*Money still talks, and BET founder Bob Johnson, aka the First Black Billionaire has spoken once more about the favorable economy Donald Trump’s administration has produced “especially for African Americans” since the end of the Obama administration.

In an interview on Friday with CNBC‘s “Squawk Box” (Scroll down to listen) on Friday, Johnson said “something is going right” with Donald Trump’s economy.

Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And seeing as BILLIONAIRES didn’t get to that stage by accident, it might be worthwhile to listen to Johnson’s reasoning.

Here’s a question you might want to consider: Does not voting for a particular political party mean there is NOTHING in their beliefs that you agree with?

Johnson’s interview may have you questioning this. Continue reading

20 Top Colleges Vying for This Black Male Student, And He Won’t Have to Pay A Dime!

Friends surround teen Michael Brown and give congratulatory hugs after he was accepted into 20 colleges.

*Warning: This is the kind of story that is going make your face hurt. But it’s the kind of pain that doesn’t come from being hit. No, this comes from grinning. Grinning from ear to ear. Grinning so hard and for so long, your face just hurts with pride.

Close your eyes. Imagine your Black male teen has applied to 20 of the top universities  and colleges in the United States.

Now open your eyes as you read he has been accepted to ALL of them…with a full ride…meaning he/YOU won’t have to pay a dime.

Not one dime.

This is the reality for 17-year-old Michael Brown, a Houston resident whose mom said she knew he was brilliant early on.

Currently a senior at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School, what ever school Brown chooses to attend (He must choose by May 1), he will get an additional $260,000!

Is your face hurting yet? Continue reading

FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says: ‘…We Don’t Deserve to Serve You!’ After Recent Details on Data Breach Uncovered

*As hard as it is to  do business successfully without social media, many folks are wishing there was a better way, for this reason…

…Potential data breaches — such as the one in the news today involving Facebook, personal data stolen from its users, Russia and Donald Trump.

According to NBC News, a data analysis firm used by the Trump presidential campaign surreptitiously acquired and used Facebook data on 50 million people

OK, but that’s not the “new details” part. We knew this happened. We knew there had been a breach.

Cambridge Analytical was the company that actually profiled voters for Donald Trump’s campaign. NBC News reports the firm used the private information they lifted from Facebook users’ accounts, to influence and wage a “culture war” during Trump’s 2016 election. 

The stolen data also included information from Facebook users? friends and contacts, as well.

What IS new is this: CNN reports new details stem from news that Cambridge Analytica may have kept user’s data even after Facebook told the company to delete it.

Continue reading

Florida Student Survivor Still Emotional After Police Mistook Him for Shooter

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Lorenzo Prado speaks at a press conference in the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee, February, 21, 2018.

*They saw me, and they panicked because I was matching the same description of [suspect] Nikolas Cruz. I had the same clothes, same hair color, same facial structure somewhat. … And they reported me.”

Can you imagine how frightened you would be in this situation?

Lorenzo Prado may have survived the horror that took place one week ago; when Nikolas Cruz let loose with an assault rifle and killed 17 students and teachers, leaving 14 more wounded and dozens traumatized for life at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. But he feels victimized twice.

After being faced with at least a hundred students banging on the door of the auditorium, where he had been when the gunman hit, he opened the door for the frightened students but wasn’t exactly clear on what was happening.

Then, hearing gunshots and screams, he locked himself in the sound booth at the auditorium and prepared to die.

“I knew any move I made would be the end of my life.”

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Fired! Aide to Florida State Lawmaker Gone After He Allegedly Called Survivors of H.S. Shooting ‘Actors’

*In no context whatsoever is calling anyone who was fortunate enough to survive the shooting attack that killed 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida “actors,” acceptable. Fortunately, it only took a nano-second for that to be realized by folks with the power to do something about it. The author of the asinine comment, Benjamin A. Kelly, was quickly dealt with. 

“Tonight Mr. Kelly was terminated from his position as my District Secretary,” said District 63 Rep, Shawn Harrison, in a statement posted on Twitter Tuesday night. “I am appalled at and strongly denounce his comments about the Parkland students. “I am again sorry for any pain this has caused the grieving families of this tragedy,” he wrote. Continue reading

Donald Trump Jr. Says Daddy Trump is Not ‘Racist’ Because He ‘Knows Rappers’ (Watch)

Photo op #1, Donald Trump pictured with ‘his pal’ Snoop Dogg

*Donald Trump, Jr.  says y’all didn’t think his dad was racist when you were attending his events, and asking him for charity dollars. Well! He may have a point. 

Or not.

That line of reasoning is no different from the one where he states how he has watched his dad his “whole life.” He knows rappers and all kinds of African American people from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton.

OK. That’s two.

Donald Trump, Al Sharpton and Don King (R) in photo op #2

Thing is, this dude probably needs to look up the meaning of the word racist. He should pay particular attention to the part that explains a racist …believes that a particular race is superior to another. He seems too damn old to think that just because someone knows Black people, they can’t be racist.

…and do you really know someone just because you posed in a picture with them? Have they been over your house for dinner? Watched a little TV with you? Called you and had a nice conversation…on a few occasions?

I personally have never heard Trump, Jr. speak, at least not at length. It seems I’ve missed very little. But what do you expect? He’s defending his father for goodness sake?

Donald Trump, Jr., son of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, speaks during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

You will really love the part in the video below where Trump, Jr. talks about racism. He says the word is thrown around so much by people angered by the fact that something is not going their way (I’m paraphrasing intentionally because I want you to see the video) that it carries little weight when those truly affected by it brings it up.

Now in truth that’s an argument I’ve used about many things. It’s just one that doesn’t sound right coming out of his mouth. Continue reading

Elaine Brown, Former Black Panther Leader, Awarded $4M By Oakland Jury

Ex-Black Panther leader, Elaine Brown

*?Disappointing but not unexpected.? This is how Desley Brooks, the Oakland, California councilwoman who was ordered to pay a huge sum of money to former Black Panther leader, Elaine Brooks, responded to the judgment against her.

Elaine Brown was injured after Brooks pushed her over stacked chairs and she was forced to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff. The incident occurred during an argument.

Brooks must pay $550,000 to Brown — who was also awarded $3.8 million in damages from the city by the same jury in December 2016 when it was determined that Brown was the victim of elder abuse. 

WRAL reports the altercation appeared to stem from Brown?s venture to build affordable housing in West Oakland for formerly incarcerated people. Continue reading