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Former NFLer Poses with Daughter, Her Date, and a Gun in Prom Pic (Look)

*Let’s just file this under This Ain’t Cute…at ALL! Every girl dreams of going to the prom (well almost! I didn’t); and one day, they’d probably like to look back at the pictures that was taken. Pictures showing them and their date dressed to the 9s just before waving goodbye to her mom and dad; and photos taken during and after the big night.

Of course dad has given you “the talk” and your date the side-eye, but he doesn’t appear to be too threatening.

Uh, I take that back. Yes he does.

Instead of posing for the typical dad-daughter in a prom dress pic, Former NFL kicker Jay Feely decided to add his own brand of extra.

Feely thought it would be uh…I don’t know why the hell he thought a picture of him, his daughter, her date and A GUN would be a good look!

Some folks just have the weirdest sense of humor.

Feely tweeted: “Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom. #badboys”

Y’all know people tripped all over themselves on social media, posting their opinions.

Hell, I’m typing emotionally (aka too damn fast) trying to share mine!!!! Continue reading

Watch: ‘Returning the Favor’ Reality Show Surprises 14-Year-Old Soap Maker With His Own Store

*Donovan Steele and his mother, Casey, were once homeless. After his mom, a Navy veteran, came home, she was diagnosed with PTSD and working a minimum wage job coupled with a small amount of child support just wasn’t enough to keep a roof over their head.

Casey ended up having to sell everything she owned, her car, a small amount of jewelry, until she had nothing left. She explains on the show, Returning the Favor, that one of her worst and most hopeless moments was when there was no hot water for her son Donovan to shower. He was shivering in the cold and this brought her to tears.

She told him that if he didn’t keep himself clean, someone would know something was wrong and call Child Protective Services; and they would come and take him away from her.

But some people, no matter what age they are, are not going to be defeated.

Donovan and his mother are two of those people. Continue reading

JetBlue Flight Attendant Who ‘Kicked Off Heels and Ran’ After Loads of Coke Was Spotted in Her Luggage, Sentenced (Watch)

*You may recall the now former Jet Blue flight attendant named Marsha Gay Reynolds. She was stopped after a random, 2nd security check point (she evaded the first, public checkpoint, after showing her Flight Attendant badge) and when 60 lbs of cocaine (street valued at nearly $2M) was noticed in her luggage she took those highs off and ran like hell! 

Yes, her!

Authorities said Reynolds dropped her carry-on luggage, kicked off her heels, fled down an upward-moving escalator and out of the terminal.

She surrendered in New York days later. 

Now she has been sentenced for her crime. Continue reading

Spielberg’s and Carl’s Jr. Enter into Fake Feud for ‘Ready Player One’ (And Nobody’s Buying It!)

*I recently interviewed actor and director Tim Robbins. You remember him don’t you…Maybe from a little film called Shawshank Redemption? 

Anyway, one of the questions I asked him was if he thinks being an actor first made him a better director. Of course his answer was “yes.”

Maybe he’ll send a memo to Steven Spielberg. The legendary director of films including E.T. (1982), Schindler’s List (1993), and Jaws (1975) has a film coming out called ‘Ready Player One’ and it doesn’t take a theater major to realize a fake fight when we see one.

Here’s the deal.

As some sort of wacky campaign strategy — where the film and Spielberg are apparently in a partnership with Carl’s Jr. — the fast-food chain wants us to know that Steven Spielberg is refusing to let them serve “Spielburgers.”

Nope. There’s no special secret recipe, its the same burger you’ve always eaten at Carl’s Jr., and tell you the truth, I don’t think that really matters. It’s the public display they went through with the director that’s really getting the attention.

According to, the fake fight of the fast food vs. filmmaker feud was busted wide open after the back-and-forth tweeting was limited to just Carl’s Jr. and Warner Brothers. Carl’s Jr. then sent someone out to Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment headquarters to hand deliver some burgers. In a video tweet  Spielberg says the burgers are “pretty good” but won’t let Carl’s Jr. use his name! Continue reading

Watch: Party Animal! Miami Nightclub Shut Down After Woman Comes In On (Wait for it!) A Horse!

Woman enter Moki Lounge on the back of a horse!

*Woohoo! Partaay! A party animal in the truest sense of the word happened upon a Miami nightclub last week!  But the City of Miami was not amused, and as a result, Moki Lounge was shut down on Friday after video surfaced on the Internet showing a woman riding into the nightclub on the back of a horse…

…wearing a G-string!

Of course the party-goers had no problem with this. They went nuts. The crowd cheered them on, clinking their glasses and raising them high as they danced in the charged, dimly lit atmosphere.

Everything was going well, until the horse took a fall. Continue reading

Online Contest: Students’ School Spirit Might Bring ‘Life of the Party’ to Their City (Watch)

*Students who participate in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and New Line Cinema’s LIFE OF THE PARTY Premiere Promotion can help bring the party-and the movie premiere-to their city simply by showing they have more school spirit than their peers at other colleges across the country.
Starting today, the Premiere Promotion will launch online at and via all WB social arenas. Just by posting a photo on a social media account depicting their school spirit and uploading it to the site, students will be eligible to make their school’s town the site of the LIFE OF THE PARTY World Premiere.  Participants will also need to follow either the official “Life of the Party” Twitter or Instagram accounts (see links below) during the entirety of the Promotion to remain apprised of Promotion developments.

Continue reading

Getting Robbed at Gunpoint Apparently All in a Day’s Work for This Jimmy John’s Employee (Watch)

*Dang. Double dang. This employee deserves the medal for coolest, and most stoic ever! A man came into a Kansas City, Missouri Jimmy John’s restaurant on April 26  at 9:15 p.m., ordered an item from the dude at the register, and when the employee told him his total — instead of paying it he took out a gun, put it to the guys head and demanded the money in the till.

Scary sh*t right?

But you wouldn’t know it looking at the employee. This dude was like, “No worries, man. Here ya go!”

In the video we see the Jimmy John’s employee as cool as you please, take off the gloves he was wearing and hand the robber the bills and the change from the drawer.

Hell, he tries to give him the entire drawer! Continue reading