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How Black Twitter Makes Us Stronger (WATCH)

black twitter

*The Internet is home to many communities formed by shared interests and beliefs but none of them have the cohesiveness that is found in Black Twitter.

The online community, which links African Americans and other members of the Black Diaspora with each other, serves as an example of what can be achieved when voices are raised in unison.

It also shows how a community can benefit from an evolving dialogue among itself. Because of Black Twitter, no black person has to feel alone in his struggle.

Struggle, however, is not the sole reason for this loose community to exist. Black Twitter was necessitated by the over-whelming whiteness of online spaces. Its existence was inevitable. In a social climate where black people?s point of view is ignored or misconstrued, black folks have resisted by speaking their truth to power – whether it is by art, literature, music or protest. A part of the black struggle is to keep the struggle itself visible. Understanding the power of online platforms, black folks galvanized to become that visible force.

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On ‘The Real’: Is Emotional Cheating a Problem? + Tamera?s Friend Zone Tips

the real crew - 01-09-18

*Today, Friday, June 8, the ladies of The Real celebrate Fri-Yay! They also discuss whether you should change your name for a job opportunity.

Plus, is emotional cheating really cheating if there is no intimacy involved? The hosts agree that having feelings for someone can only lead to being physical.

Later the women wonder how much money they would let come between a friendship. And co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley shares tips on how to put someone back in the friend zone.

the real crew - 01-10-18

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Drunken Frontier Airlines Passenger Arrested: He Pee’d on Seat in Front of Him

Michael A. Haag

*A male passenger on Frontier Airlines Flight 864 from Denver to Charleston, SC, was led away in handcuffs shortly after his flight landed. Witnesses say Michael A. Haag, a 45-year-old white man was drinking on flight  and first grabbed a woman seated next to him.

Emily, a passenger on the flight, described Haag as ?extremely intoxicated? and ?out of his mind.? She said he apparently groped a woman next to him, and said,  ?I hear a woman scream, if this man f?king touches me one more time I?ll f?king kill him,? according to Fox 31 Denver.  

The woman alleged that she saw the man drink two double shots of vodka on the flight.  Haag also verbally assaulted another woman by asking her personal questions about her sexual habits. Continue reading

And She’s Out: White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Folks at BBQ Has Been ID’d

Aww…ain’t she sweet? NOT!

*Let’s just cut to the chase and call her the Black BBQ Stalker! Maybe she thought no one would recognize her if she kept her shades on. Or better yet, maybe she didn’t think at all. She should’ve known better, yes? The woman who quickly became the laughing stock of the Internet after wasting the time of an entire police department by keeping them on the phone for two hours, and then having them show up to Oakland’s Lake Merritt because Black people were having a BBQ in the public park–whew!–has been identified.

Allegedly, she is Dr. Jennifer Schulte, and she is somehow connected with the elite Stanford University. No doubt anyone with the title “doctor” is feeling a slight shutter right now.

This Dr. Schulte, recently deleted the LinkedIn page that identified her as a ?Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) focused in Chemical Engineering from Stanford.”

Therein may lie the only connection to the school.

I agree with NewsOne who wrote: “Sounds like Stanford should have taught her some lessons in humanity.” But folks are still speculating she may have a current connection with the school (They too must be shuttering). Is she faculty? And if so, they are demanding that she be fired.

I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for not giving a damn enough to research it, I only spend that kind of time on people I seriously want to know about.

This witch lost me at “You can’t BBQ here.” Continue reading

Woman Claimed There Was a ‘Dog’s Paw’ in Her Spareribs (Look-it!)

*This video may not be new, but hit “refresh” because  its definitely repeat worthy. According to the video below, a Maryland woman is convinced that the spareribs meal she ordered at a Chinese restaurant contains a dog’s paw.

Obviously disgusted, the video she posted on Facebook shows her holding the part, and showing it from every angle as she exclaims, “This is obviously a dog’s paw.”

When she posted the video she wrote,  ?I googled a dead dog paw and took a pic of what they delivered to me. . . tell me if I?m wrong but they look exactly the same.?

The restaurant quickly defended themselves saying her claims were, ?NOT TRUE!!!!? They backed that up by including a document from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which stated that ?there is no evidence of any dog meat in this facility.?

The restaurant also stated, ?The video posted showed a piece of cartilage at the end of the ribs, which is not out of the ordinary, as cartilage exists alongside the bones, (and in this case the ribs) of meats.?

Though the woman did retract her complaint, as we all know, once something is placed on the ‘Net, it becomes immortal. People start thinking back and remembering other nasty experience claimed by folks, and researching stories that reveal things like dog meat is big in China.

Hmm…maybe she should’ve Googled photos for cartilage at the end of ribs. Continue reading

Northern California 7-11 Finds Ingenious Way to Get Rid of Loiterers: Opera Music! (Watch)

*As someone who once worked for New York’s Metropolitan Opera, I wonder if I should be offended. But I’m not. I actually think its quite funny that a 7-11 franchise in Modesto California got so sick and tired of panhandlers and bored teens loitering outside their doors but still on their property, they came up with the idea to blast opera music…24-7.

Turns out I’m not the only one who finds this idea intriguing. A reporter at the Modesto Bee was so intrigued he dug deeper. He learned that it wasn’t because Franchise owner Sukhi Sandhu, who operates the store located at store at McHenry and Morris avenues near downtown, has love for opera music — quite the opposite. He knows he is not alone, and knows people won’t be hanging out listening to it. They will keep it moving.

?Our classical and opera music, the one that we’re hearing in the background, it gets played 24-seven,? Sandhu told the reporter, speaking loudly enough to project over some very boisterous singing. ?The whole idea behind this was to discourage people from loitering and panhandling, and most importantly to provide a better, positive environment for our customers to shop at our stores and obviously for them to feel safe.?

One man has already proved the store owner’s theory is on point. Continue reading

Brooklyn Principal Suspends Teacher’s Aide…You’ll Never Guess What For!

Marie Desforges, Principal (according to NY Post)

*Oh god. Who hired this woman to lead a school?

One of the first requirements for being a school principal is to have a superior sense of judgement isn’t it? After all, a principal is responsible for an entire staff of educators and their students for goodness sake.

Enter one Marie Desforges, the principal at P. S. 328 in Brooklyn. She somehow saw fit to suspend Edsheda Brown, a teacher’s aide, for “professional misconduct” and informed her of the news via a disciplinary..

What did the teacher’s aide do to deserve this, you ask?

Wait for it…

She “yawned” too loud.

In the letter to Brown, Desforges wrote…

?You yawned loud enough for me to hear you while I was walking down the hallway? outside a staff meeting.

It’s times like this that you find yourself thinking, “Please don’t let her be Black.”

Sorry to burst your thought bubble: she is!

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How Sick Are You of Surveys? (They spend a second on the service, and want you to spend 5 minutes on the survey!)

*I guess the only way they will know, is if we tell them. Retailers who see the need to put consumers on “fill out this survey” overload.

Seriously, must I complete a survey to let you know how the girl who is being paid to reach inside the glass case to get (and hand me) the donut I purchased did?

I mean, I would’ve done it myself had it not been for the glass. Continue reading