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Beyonce Among Top 10 Highest Valued Social Media Influencers of 2020 According to D’Marie Analytics

D’Marie Analytics releases Annual Top 10 Highest Valued Social Media Influencers list for 2020


New York, New York: Consumer engagement across social media contributes to record-high valuations in 2020 with the majority of the included sports and entertainment celebrities listed being valued, for the first time ever, above $1 million per post, according to D’Marie Analytics annual top 10 highest valued social media influencer list.

The primarily female-dominated list also includes notable celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. D’Marie Analytics, a Bloomberg Portal style platform for influencer insights, confirms that  COVID accelerated the growing trend of brands tapping influencers and doubled down in 2020 on user-generated content from celebrities and influencers to stabilize sales during this difficult year.

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We’ve Got SING 2 Casting Announcement News + Poster Debut

Sing 2 - poster

*Bono, Halsey and Pharrell will be joining the cast of SING 2, along with returning stars Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly and Nick Kroll.  Also joining the cast are Bobby Cannavale, Letitia Wright, Eric Andre and Chelsea Peretti … in Holiday 2021, according to Rolling Stone.

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Danny Winn: Up Close and Personal with the Texas-born Actor

Danny Winn
Danny Winn

*Just as Danny Winn’s whirlwind acting career was starting to explode in 2015, he met veteran director Rich Sickler on the set of WGN America’s “Manhattan” series, in which he appeared in five episodes, four as “Scientist Brock,” one as a state trooper.

Sickler offered some sage advice about the prospects of success daring to enter the film industry at a more mature age than many of his peers:  “So many are striving to get in at a young age, but as they mature, they start dropping out and pursuing other paths. So as a mature actor, there’s less competition aside from the small percentage of those young actors who made it.”

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While Proudly Bearing Her Family Name, Paris Hepburn Wants to be Known As Her Own Person

Paris Hepburn

*Any meaningful discussion of 15-year-old Paris Hepburn begins with her iconic last name, its impactful, well-documented history dating back centuries to England and its enduring influence representing the Golden Age of Hollywood, class, humanitarianism and power to defy societal norms.

Because that will likely be the first thing to pique people’s curiosity, yes, the fast-emerging young talent is indeed distantly related to Audrey (Hepburn) via her mother’s side of the family.

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Music Legend Stephen Wrench Releases ‘That’s What Love Can Do’ – LISTEN

*Looking back over his extraordinary career, Stephen Wrench once wryly and proudly declared that he’s “performed and written with many infamous artists and bands but been a member of nothing.”

After over 45 years performing with and managing legends, producing shows, operating the global radio promotion firm Musik and Film and hit-making on behalf of legends and indie greats, he’s finally showcasing his edgy yet heartfelt, musically infectious but lyrically blunt brilliance as an artist.

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Model/Actor Thorn Castillo is the ‘New Face’ of Schick Stylist

Thorn Castillo - Shick - STYLED

*In 2019, just as his multi-faceted career was taking off, Thorn Castillo heard Robert Downey Jr. offer a sage bit of advice during an interview on photographer/director Sam Jones’ acclaimed multi-platform series “Off Camera.”

The two-time Oscar nominee said something to the effect of “any type of work you can put on your resume is good.” 

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AV Super Sunshine – Influenced by Tommy Tutone – Does ‘X File: 8675309’ – WATCH

*One of the most iconic phone numbers in rock history, 867-5309 began life scrawled under the name “Jenny” on a bathroom wall in 1982 – the year the band Tommy Tutone took the single to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Nearly four decades later, thanks to the cleverness and ingenuity of rising international hitmaker AV Super Sunshine, the digits – and the immortal hook created from them – have found new life and been repurposed as a classified case file on “X File: 8675309” – the artist’s infectious latest single about a couple’s surreal experience with alien abduction.

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Actress Lauren Cohen’s ‘Tips for Actors’

Lauren Cohen
Lauren Cohen

*I remember walking into my very first acting class a few years back. My teacher, then and now, John Pallotta said something to a large group of us:

“Your voice is often too soft to be heard, you will always be underestimated, overlooked and often totally ignored and rejected – Use that(t), study hard and become the actor that they never saw coming.”

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