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Shh…Former McDonald Employee Dishes Behind-the-Counter Secrets

*The best source for dirt on a place of business is from a former employee. And don’t it be someone who was FIRED! Now truthfully, I don’t know if that’s what happened to “Stefan” (probably not his real name), but he claims he used to work at McDonald’s and all we can surmise is s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g inspired him to give up some of the franchises behind-the-counter secrets. Or maybe it was as simple as what he said, “I really didn?t give a shit.”

So, O-k-a-a-y. He’s got our attention, right?

Now before you go thinking everything is going to be gross, no, that’s not the case. Some of this stuff is just plain interesting.

Well, back to gross. This first bit of info is not for the squeamish.

There may be a lot of reasons McDonald’s employees hate working the night shift. But this one will resonate most: They serve drunk (nasty-ass) people!!!

“A McDonald?s employee has to deal with a lot of customer complaints on a good day, but when the customers are drunk, the shifts become an absolute nightmare. And it?s not just about dealing with rowdy and aggressive people, one woman actually smeared her shit all over the toilet walls in the restaurant where I worked.”

Exactly HOW OLD is the food you’re eating?

“It?s true, not all the food at McDonald?s is cooked fresh-to-order. However, there are rules for how long food can be kept for after it is cooked?Any time we cook food that isn?t being used for an order right away, we keep it in a heater with a set time limit. When the timer counts down to zero, we?re supposed to take the food out and throw it away. However, due to the fact there?s nothing actually wrong with the food, most employees will just reset the timer and leave the food in there until it?s sold ? and this can be done for hours!”

Want truly FRESH food? Do this…

“Now, if you want to make sure you?re going to get a fresh meal that hasn?t been sat under a heat lamp for hours, you should always make a ?grill? order?Whenever an employee makes an order that has been altered from the original menu, the kitchen staff receive the ?grill? order and must cook it from scratch. For fresh fries, order them without salt, or for a fresh Big Mac, ask for it without the pickle.”

We Freaking HATE customers like this!

“So what?s the biggest problem with working at McDonald?s? The managers? The smell of cooking oil constantly in your clothes? Nope, it?s the customers?The guys on the tills honestly cannot stand dealing with stupid and indecisive customers. Know what you?re going to order before you reach the counter! Understand that meal comes with fries and a drink! And don?t stick ?Mc? in front of every word! McThank you!”

When the McDonald’s staff gets bored…

“Restaurants in the city will often be fast-paced and constantly busy. However, what about those smaller chains tucked away in a small town? Well, it can get very quiet?When the staff get bored, they will mess around. I once watched a guy build a fort out of Happy Meal boxes, and employees will often have bets on the customers. But perhaps the greatest ?in-joke? is ringing a bell whenever a hot girl comes to the till ? all work in the kitchen ceases, as employees peer through to check them out.”

Trust him. The kitchens really are clean.

“Most people I?ve met have always heard horror stories about the condition and cleanliness of a McDonald?s restaurant. But the truth couldn?t be more different?I promise. Behind the counter, the kitchens are well maintained, and hygiene is extremely important. Most staff are forced to wear hairnets and must wash their hands whenever they reenter the kitchen. I mean, that doesn?t mean what you?re eating is going to be any healthier, you can just rest assured that we haven?t spit in it (honestly, we don?t care enough to spit in food).”

…and then there’s Monopoly. Officially, we can’t play, but that doesn’t mean we don’t win!

 “Everybody loves McDonald?s whenever the Monopoly game tokens return ? and this includes the employees. Despite the fact employees are forbidden from winning any top prizes, that doesn?t stop us checking every single empty cup we find in the restaurant?If we do end up winning, we?ll just give it to a friend and split the prize! Or visit the other restaurants to claim free meals. Oh, and a good tip for customers; to get extra stickers, ask the cashier for a large tap water. They?ll give you a large cup with the stickers attached!”
…and finally, the STARS.
Some members of staff have them, others don?t ? but most customers are not even sure what they represent. Here?s everything you need to know about the ?Stars??People used to get a right kick out of asking me, ?How many stars you got?? No, stars are not earned for cleaning a toilet or making the perfect Quarter Pounder, staff members have to go through a training programme for each star, where each one usually reflects a small pay rise, and attributes towards obtaining a higher position. In the 13 months I was there, I earned zero stars? like I said, I really didn?t give a shit.
In the event you haven’t heard enough, and wonder about things like: How much of the food is microwaved? Learn more at
Food Envy



Woman Thought Prickly Feeling in Her Eye Was Stray Lash, Turned Out to be Worms…14 of ‘Em!

An eyeworm on Abby Beckley’s eye, before doctors removed it with a tweezer. –OHSU Ophthalmology

*I kid you not. It’s gross, but you are not going to believe this! A 28-year-old Oregon woman named Abby Beckley was working on an Alaskan fishing boat back in 2016 when she felt something weird in her eye. We can relate to that, right? Perhaps a speck of dust or a stray eyelid.

It was really irritating her so she picked at it. That’s when she pulled it out…a worm!!!

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

?I put my fingers in there in kind of a picking motion and I pulled out a worm,? Beckley told BuzzFeed. ?I looked at my finger and it was moving and I was shocked.? Continue reading

Starbucks Being Sued! SoCal Family Claims Barristers Blood Was on Their Beverage Cups

Omg. Can you imagine, its a hot day, you want to get your Starbucks in. You ask everyone else at the house if they’d like something. You get everyone’s order, head to the store, tell the barrister what you want, get home, and find…wait for it…

Blood smeared on some of the cups?

According to a lawsuit filed in San Bernardino, California Court by Amanda Vice, this is exactly what happened on a Saturday afternoon in 2016, when Vice had been sharing a Java Chip Frappuccino with her then 2-year-old daughter. 

The lawsuit states that after Vice?s mother-in-law noticed traces of blood and an ?odd, metallic smell? on her own cup, ?Amanda rushed to the kitchen and saw blood smeared on her cup as well.?

May I repeat? OMG!!!

The family, from San Bernardino, is suing for negligence, emotional distress, battery and assault.

Continue reading

Why Do Female Physicians Keep Dying By Suicide At Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital?

Dr. Deelshad Joomun

*It was an early Friday evening, and two dozen doctors were standing outside a 33-story residential building across the street from the hospital where they spend most of their days. They were used to working evening hours ? feeling exhausted and empty, fueled mostly by the knowledge that they were there to save lives. But this time, the lives were their own.

In the middle of a pile of bouquets, cards, and electric tea lights on the sidewalk in front of them was a photo of Dr. Deelshad Joomun*. Just nine days earlier, on her third day as a nephrology attending physician at Mount Sinai St. Luke?s, Dr. Joomun leapt from the 33-story building to her death. Many of her colleagues were standing at the windows of the building across the street from her, horrified at the sight of a falling person who was wearing the same white coat they were in. Continue reading

If Your Partner Doesn’t Want Sex, Here’s a Few Reasons Why (and How It Can Be Fixed!)

Oh the “happy couple!” The kind of relationship we’d all like to have. The kind where we can’t keep our hands off each other. Is this reality or fantasy?

*Hey, we live in a stressful world. What with all the issues surrounding money and not making enough of it, long work hours, not enough sleep, making sure our children are protected — its got to take a real toll on you sometimes…in the bedroom.

Everyone handles stress differently, and your partner may be so overwhelmed he or she may not be interested in having sex.


But if it sounds familiar, specialists suggest there are concrete reasons why this may be happening. They also give you signs to pay attention to, and what you might do to make it all better.

Let’s begin with all those darn distractions Continue reading

Toddler, 2, Found Frozen to Death on Front Porch (Video)

*On Friday, a mother found her 2-year-old child unconscious on the front porch of their Akron, Ohio home and made a frantic call to 911. A video report plays the call, and the operator is telling the woman how to perform CPR on the little girl.

But it was too late.

“It was freezing, and that was my biggest worry,” said neighbor Crystal Lucas, who told the media the woman who lived in the home with her two children, “kept to herself.”

Lucas, who was very emotional as she spoke to the press, said she knew something terrible had happened when the cops came knocking at her door, inquiring about the children.

“They didn’t really divulge what was going on,” Lucas said, “but when he asked about the kids, obviously, something was going on, and I was worried.” Continue reading

Man Blames Sushi for the Five Foot Tapeworm Dangling From His…(Watch)

Looks harmless enough, yes?

Consider yourself warned. The story  story contains graphic content that some readers may find disturbing. You like sushi? Well you might reconsider that after reading this story about a man who blames the 5-1/2 foot tapeworm that dangled from his body on his diet.

The Fresno man said he loves the raw fish so much, he eats it every day.

This is how it all started.

A few months ago the man visited an emergency room complaining of bloody diarrhea. He was seen by Dr. Kenny Banh, a UCSF Fresno Emergency Medicine Physician, who remembered the man had an unusual request.

“He asked me for worm treatment and I was like, oh, not an everyday request.”

Skeptical about patients who self-diagnose, the doctor said the man was adamant about his symptoms. He had gone to the bathroom, experienced the diarrhea, and thought he felt something “dangling” from his rectum. Continue reading

Ever Wonder Why Your Eyelid Twitches? Here’s What the ‘Experts’ Have to Say

*My eye has been twitching like crazy over the past couple of  days. It’s annoying more than anything. I began to research the cause of this and it got deep. It depended on which eyelid was twitching? Right of left, and how long has it been twitching… for an entire day?

Well dang.  I really hadn’t thought that deeply about it.

Then I happened to mention it to a friend from Senegal, and of course, this totally different culture had its own centuries-old beliefs. “In my country, it means you will soon see something,” he said.

“Oy vey,” I thought to myself, rolling my eyes in a here we go kind of way.

“See something?,” I asked, wanting him to elaborate. “Did they quantify it? You know, say whether the ‘something you’re going to see’ will be good or bad?”

“Good!” he said.

I allowed myself to surrender my sarcasm long enough to dream. “Wow!” I thought. “Maybe I’m going to get a huge payday! Maybe my book will be a bestseller! Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life!”

As it turns out, the experts chimed in, saying the involuntary eye spasm known colloquially as when your eye “jumps”?or twitches without warning or reason has multiple parts and meanings depending on which eye is affected. They kind of confirmed my friends’ belief, but called it a “superstition” that says if your right eye jumps, you are going to hear good news.

OK. We covered that. So it can only mean one thing right… if its your left eye… bad news is on the way?
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