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OSHA Warns That Live Music Really Does Cause Hearing Loss

people at a concertThe U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has of strict rules to regulate work in the United States. For example, OSHA states that cranes must be assembled on firm, drained, and properly graded ground. They also regulate the use of hardhats around construction sites, and even workplace noise.

And that means international superstars like Beyonc? have to follow OSHA’s rules just like everyone else. Continue reading

TN Nail Salon Accused of Charging ‘Overweight People’ More for Pedicures

A-nail-salon-has-been-slammed-for-sign (1)

*Wow… Just wow. The internet is not too happy about a photo of a sign that was posted recently which read, “Sorry, but if you are overweight pedicures will be $45.”

Yes. Thinner people pay less for the same service.

The message, photographed by an unidentified woman, got thousands of shares after it was posted to Facebook. According to locals, the salon is Rose Nails in Tennessee.

The message went on in an attempt to justify why the cost was different for overweight people, saying it was…

?…due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!?  Continue reading

Did This Chinese Man Kick A Pregnant Black Woman in the Stomach?

Michael Lee
Michael Lee

*What on earth could have transpired to make a man kick a woman nearly nine months pregnant in her stomach? That is the question of the hour. Rumor has it Ms. Natasha Rodney and Mr. Michael Lee, 40, were on a crowded subway train when they bumped into each other…

From then on things allegedly became intentionally violent, as witnesses claim Ms. Rodney pushed Mr. Lee to the floor and in response, Lee kicked her in the stomach…twice. Continue reading

First Man to Offer Seat to Pregnant Woman Awarded ‘#1 Decent Dude’ Trophy


*A New York City woman, eight months pregnant, has been carrying around a 7″ trophy that reads ?#1 DECENT DUDE ? First Man to Offer Subway Seat to Pregnant Woman throughout Two Pregnancies,? for the past two months. Clearly, something motivated her to take this drastic measure. Oh! Here it is: Ivonne Linn had gone through one full pregnancy, and is now eights months into another, and claims women have been the only ones to offer their seat to her as she stood on buses and trains.

Now, you can look at this one of two ways: “Hooray for the man who finally did the decent thing!” or “Damn, seriously? What in the world has happened to real gentlemen?” Continue reading

‘Accidental Starvation’ of Infant Educates New Moms on Pressures of Breastfeeding

Baby breastfeeding

*Wow, few women may be aware that their newborn could actually starve to death?accidentally, because you couldn’t produce enough milk to breastfeed…exclusively. Jillian Johnson suffered a mother’s nightmare when she lost her son, Landon, 19 days after he was born because she felt pressured to breast feed but hadn’t produced enough milk to do so.

?If I had given him just one bottle, he would still be alive,? Johnson writes in a blog post for the non-profit organization Fed Is Best. ?If only I could go back in time.?

PEOPLE?magazine reports,?Fed is Best advocates for safe breastfeeding ? including supplementing with formula when medically necessary or strictly formula feeding for those who want or need to ? in response to the tragic stories of mothers accidentally starving their babies, according to co-founders Jody Segrave-Daily RN, and Dr. Christine Del Castillo-Hegyi.

In the case of Johnson and her son Landon, inadequate milk supply in the first days of the baby?s life ultimately resulted in his death just weeks later. Johnson never imagined that pressure to exclusively breastfeed (inspired by the old adage that breast milk is the best milk) could result in the fatality. Continue reading

Get Your Cardio In While Sitting On Your Butt With…the Officiser!


*I?m all for innovation and enterprise, and marvel at those individuals who manage to cook up a contraption that we can?t imagine living without. The automobile. The light bulb. The television. New Coke (kidding — Google it). The microwave (my grandmother?s favorite — “How in God’s good name does it heat up the cup of coffee without heating the walls of the oven???,” she’d always ask ). The personal computer. And that ubiquitous smartphone.

And now, straight out of Korea, the home of Samsung, the Officiser is poised to blow up! ?

For those of us who spend a large portion of our day sitting, some geniuses have cooked up an ?invention? that allows us to move our lower bodies while typing away at the keyboard, watching television, or reading, thereby improving our circulation and overall health. Continue reading

Leading Psychologist Says Children ‘Diagnosed Transgender’ May Actually Have Autism


transgender children

*Well?this?assessment is sure to turn some heads. I’m already confused. I’ve actually worked with children who have autism, but I don’t know much about the transgender community. Even so, I wonder what the heck the two have to do with each other. A leading psychologist thinks he has stumbled upon something.

Youngsters who believe they were born in the wrong body are seven times more likely than others to be on the autistic spectrum, said Canadian child psychologist, Kenneth Zucker.

The autistic trait of ?fixating? on subjects could convince children they are the wrong sex, he added. Continue reading

Leading Retailer, Whole Foods, Under Fire for Questionable ‘Organic’ Labels (Watch)

whole Foods

*#organicmatters…right? Generally, consumers who go out of their way to seek out and purchase foods that claim to be “organic” do so with the trust and belief that the label that claims this is true. I’m not sure if this revelation is new or not; but that doesn’t matter here because the issue itself has no expiration date. Whole Foods, a leading retailer which owns the 365 Organic Foods brand, has been called to explain why it is that their “organic” foods may not be organic at all. Why…you may ask? Well, one strong clue is that if you turn the packaging over, and scroll down, the small print actually says “A product of China.”

Therein lies the problem. Seems few people actually turn the packages over and read it. Continue reading