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What Kind of Science Class Has Students Drowning Raccoons? This One, Apparently (Watch)

*A teacher of an agriculture class at Forest High School in Ocala, Fla. took it upon himself to drown two raccoons and a opossum, in his classroom, in front of his students.

Actually, he asked the students to help him do it.

Officials say the raccoons had eaten one of the live chickens being raised by the students in class, so I suppose the teacher was punishing the animals in this cruel, inhumane way.

Officials say the teacher, Dewie Brewton, who is currently on paid administrative leave, took two large cages, put the raccoons inside, and then placed them inside a large garbage can. I suppose the opossum was thrown in as well, but there was no mention. He and the students then filled the can with water, using a hose. In the video below, you can see the students standing around; someone wearing gloves appears to be pushing what can be assumed is the wire cage, underwater. One of the raccoons can be seen raising its snout above water in an attempt to breathe. Continue reading

Middle School Teacher Gets Suspended With Pay After He Allegedly Grabs Student and Calls Him the N-Word

*A teacher at MacWilliams Middle School in Fayetteville has been suspended (with pay) after a parent said he grabbed her son, a 7th grader, by the arm, threw accusations at him, and called him the N-word. The parent went to the school board to issue a complaint before calling ABC11 to give details of the incident.

ABC correspondent Morgan Norwood spoke to the parent who wanted her face to remain anonymous, but have her words be heard loud and clear.

“From my understanding he walked up to my son, grabbed him by his arm and told him he wanted to ‘Smash his head into a brick,’ said the mother calmly, but with a clear undercut of emotion in her voice. She continues, “…and called him the N-word. He told him that ‘It’s people like him that kept him from doing his job.'”

The mother said she knows her son was traumatized by the incident. Continue reading

And She’s Out: White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Folks at BBQ Has Been ID’d

Aww…ain’t she sweet? NOT!

*Let’s just cut to the chase and call her the Black BBQ Stalker! Maybe she thought no one would recognize her if she kept her shades on. Or better yet, maybe she didn’t think at all. She should’ve known better, yes? The woman who quickly became the laughing stock of the Internet after wasting the time of an entire police department by keeping them on the phone for two hours, and then having them show up to Oakland’s Lake Merritt because Black people were having a BBQ in the public park–whew!–has been identified.

Allegedly, she is Dr. Jennifer Schulte, and she is somehow connected with the elite Stanford University. No doubt anyone with the title “doctor” is feeling a slight shutter right now.

This Dr. Schulte, recently deleted the LinkedIn page that identified her as a ?Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) focused in Chemical Engineering from Stanford.”

Therein may lie the only connection to the school.

I agree with NewsOne who wrote: “Sounds like Stanford should have taught her some lessons in humanity.” But folks are still speculating she may have a current connection with the school (They too must be shuttering). Is she faculty? And if so, they are demanding that she be fired.

I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for not giving a damn enough to research it, I only spend that kind of time on people I seriously want to know about.

This witch lost me at “You can’t BBQ here.” Continue reading

Submit Your Little Princess to the ‘Miss African American Scholarship Pageant’

(Front & Centered) Lisa Ruffin, Actress/Pageant Founder surrounded by Little Miss African American Pageant contestants. ? Photo Credit: Courtesy Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant

(Los Angeles, CA) Registration for the 2018 Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant is now open and Lisa Ruffin, Founder/Producer of the 25th Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant announced that applications are being accepted. Only 50 young participants, between the ages of 6 and 12 years old will be in the pageant, which will be held in August.

The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant is an educational program. The girls learn to wear their “C.A.P.” which stands for Confidence, Awareness and Pride. Selected participants undertake a cultural enrichment program designed to promote teamwork, self-esteem, and heighten cultural awareness. They take classes in public speaking, science, technology and etiquette and are taught performances by award winning choreographers. The young ladies make new friends and learn about their rich African American history.

“By fostering these universal attributes at such a tender age, our girls grow to be leaders in their communities and help to change the world,” says Ruffin. Continue reading

Want to Learn How to Get Into the Construction Field??(Meet in L. A. Tonight!)


*Do you, your son or daughter want to get into the lucrative construction business? If your answer is yes, then you should consider attending a meeting tonight at Manuel Arts High School in Los Angeles.
Council District 9 is the “New Frontier for Economic Investment!” Come learn how you can be part of catalytic projects such as the $1 billion Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and $300 million Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum makeover.
More information below on a special, upcoming event for Ninth District residents. Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. 

Continue reading

DOE Proposes New Plan to Ensure Low-Score Students Get Support, White Parents Go Ballistic (Video)

*According to a UCLA?s Civil Rights Project report, as of 2014 schools in New York City remain the most segregated schools of all. And here we were thinking such schools were in the south. Silly us. Anyway, the Department of Education is making moves to change that. They want to close the gap, lessen the divide, ensure that students who are on the low end of the education spectrum get the support they need to improve their chances at success. So they plan to ?give students who score below grade level priority access to 25 percent of seats at each of the district?s 18 middle schools starting with next year?s application process. 

Sounds great right?

Not to the parents of children who have been enjoying a lifetime of privilege. Think: No melanin included. Not to say these same children are not worthy just because they have been provided the resources to make their lives easier. Not even to assume they are not busting their butts to keep those grades up. Just to acknowledge that their parents are making it clear they don’t want that privilege to be, how shall we say, “compromised” in any way.

At a meeting on the proposed DOE plan, these no-melanin parents didn’t hold back. They were mad as hell; throwing hypothesis and analogies around like birdseed.  Continue reading

The Omg Video We Never Saw Coming! See This Before Eating in Another Restaurant

Fake eggs

*There is a video out there that warns you to watch fast before its deleted. I did. Its starts out showing Vietnamese police raiding a “Fake Shrimp” factory. Cut to the various news agencies on TV talking about the steak you order from a restaurant may be held together by glue. Meat glue, to be exact, and they show you a sample where its difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate piece of steak and the one held together by glue.

The video shows cows born from cloned parents. And hold up, did you think this fake food stopped at meat? Uh-uh. They’re feeding folks fake cabbage too!

Under the heading “Fake Cabbage Coming to a Supermarket in Brooklyn” we see a woman cooking this ultra green cabbage. At one point, she takes a leaf from the vegetable and puts it directly into the fire. She says her finger is getting warm, but wallah! the cabbage stays in tact.

Fake cabbage being created in liquid.

“Food modification,” she says while showing us, “this is where we are today!”

It’s scary as hell y’all. And the way its presented it appears to already be in the stores.

Oh, and have I mentioned the plastic rice? Watch as she cooks it!

I don’t want to tell you everything. There’s so much to see on the video. If this doesn’t wake us up where processed food is concerned, what will?

See for yourself. We’re talking eggs where the yolk doesn’t change while cooking, lab grown meat being tested by a panel in London. “We can actually grow a fillet in two weeks” says one scientist as we see calves milling around in the background who have only given a smidgen of a sample.

Good Lord! Here’s the 8 minute video. Let us know what you think.

Thanks to my friend Nazarius A. for sharing!

Brooklyn Principal Suspends Teacher’s Aide…You’ll Never Guess What For!

Marie Desforges, Principal (according to NY Post)

*Oh god. Who hired this woman to lead a school?

One of the first requirements for being a school principal is to have a superior sense of judgement isn’t it? After all, a principal is responsible for an entire staff of educators and their students for goodness sake.

Enter one Marie Desforges, the principal at P. S. 328 in Brooklyn. She somehow saw fit to suspend Edsheda Brown, a teacher’s aide, for “professional misconduct” and informed her of the news via a disciplinary..

What did the teacher’s aide do to deserve this, you ask?

Wait for it…

She “yawned” too loud.

In the letter to Brown, Desforges wrote…

?You yawned loud enough for me to hear you while I was walking down the hallway? outside a staff meeting.

It’s times like this that you find yourself thinking, “Please don’t let her be Black.”

Sorry to burst your thought bubble: she is!

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