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Cruise Deploys Autonomous Vehicles in SF, Uber Gives Up on Driverless Cars

The efforts being made towards the wide-scale production of driverless cars has seen both progress and setbacks recently. While Cruise recently deployed five of its experimental driverless cars in San Francisco, Uber has sold its own unit dedicated to driverless vehicles to Aurora. Self-driving cars have long been desired not only by portions of the public at large, but major companies invested in the potential financial gains that such an innovation would equal. Uber’s sale indicates that there are a number of issues standing in the way of driverless cars, while Cruise’s decision to put driverless cars on the road makes clear that the ambition behind the vehicles remains.

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Congrats On Your First Car! Now What?

Congrats on owning your very first car! How exciting!

Now, you have the freedom to drive wherever and whenever you want!

Just because you saved up all that cash, researched cars for sale, and purchased a vehicle doesn’t mean you’re done with vehicle-related responsibilities. On the contrary, you now have a lot of work to do! But it’s okay.

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Ex-Apple Engineers Create Cheaper, More Powerful Self-Driving Hardware

A new start-up called Aeva is making waves in Silicon Valley and Porsche is backing them up. According to CNBC, California-based start-up Aeva has developed smaller hardware capable of collecting and processing data about the surroundings of a self-driving vehicle in real-time.

The founders of the technology, former Apple engineers, believe the hardware would cost as little as $500 per unit. That’s less than other alternatives currently on the market.

The hardware is not only more affordable and powerful, but it’s also impressive enough to catch the attention of Porsche SE, the majority owner of Volkswagen AG, the world’s biggest automaker. Porsche has put in an undisclosed amount into the start-up and Volkswagen’s self-driving unit is already considering using the hardware in a future vehicle.

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Strange Driving Laws You Might Not Know

Even if you think you’re an expert driver, there are a few strange driving laws some states have on the books that almost nobody remembers. You never know – a cop might pull you over for one of these strange and unusual offenses at some point in the future! Here are some of the weirdest driving laws you’ll find in the United States.

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BMW Nightmare: Man’s $70K Dream Car Severed His Thumb

*Omg. When Godwin Boateng heard about the new self-closing door on the BMW X5, he thought it was pretty cool. Little did he know it would end up being nothing short of a nightmare — after it chopped off his right thumb.

Now the Long Island is suing the manufacturer for unspecified damages.

?I don?t know how you put a price on it; it?s a life-changer,? Boateng, a 61-year-old software engineer from Valley Stream, said. ?I carried my thumb into the hospital, and they said, ?What happened to you???

?I said, ?My car door.? I?m holding my thumb, they took it and put it on ice. The nurse said, ?Maybe the doctor can put it back on.? The doctor came in and looked at it and said, ?I?m sorry.? He said he couldn?t. The way it got severed, it couldn?t be saved.??

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Mother Charged for Child’s Death in Car Accident, After Cop’s Collision Caused It

Brittany Stephens, mother to baby that was killed in accident.

*A Baton Rouge mother is not only mourning the death of her one-year-old daughter after a car accident, but she is most likely working to get a good lawyer — one that will keep her out of jail after she was arrested on Tuesday in relation to her daughter’s death.

According to a police report, on October 12, 2017, off-duty Baton Rouge officer Christopher Manuel, 28, was said to be driving at a speed of 94 mph when his  2007 Chevrolet Corvette struck the Nissan that Brittany Stephens was a passenger in, along with three other adults and a child. Continue reading

Whoa! Florida Man Calls 911 While Driving, Tells Them, ‘My Gas Peddle is Stuck!’

Cooper walks towards officers after incredible road trip

*Joseph Cooper has gone through something every driver has thought of, what will I do if my gas peddle sticks? Instead of panicking, he made every attempt to stay calm as his BMW sped down the I-95 Freeway near Vero Beach at 95 miles an hour. On the phone he told 911, “My gas peddle is stuck.” When the operator asked him if he could shift his car in neutral, she probably heard the fear and frustration in his voice as he responded,  “I can’t, ma’am, I tried that already. I’m trying to hold onto the wheel and talk to you at the same time.”

Add to this, the fact that he admitted to the dispatcher he almost hit someone, and yelled “Get out of the way!,” according to the recording.

Cooper told emergency dispatchers that he lost control of his SUV shortly before 1 pm. Authorities helped control traffic as his vehicle sped along the freeway with flashers and a green strobe on.

It wasn’t until spoke strips were deployed that Cooper’s car finally settled down to 40 mph. But the driver was still unable to stop.

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Hotel Valet Hands Ferrari Keys to Wrong Man…Real Owner, a Lawyer, Poised to Sue!


An exact model, but not the real car or driver.

*Levi Miles pulled a slick one. He was allegedly trying to impress a woman he had just met at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club (Marriott) in St. Petersburg, FL., when he pointed to a yellow beauty out front and told the valet, “That’s my Ferrari out there!” He even managed to convince the valet that he had somehow left his ticket inside the car.

The fool, er, valet, fell for it and then handed Miles the keys. He turned his back as the fake car owner got inside and drove off.

Dude almost got away with it too.

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