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BMW Nightmare: Man’s $70K Dream Car Severed His Thumb

*Omg. When Godwin Boateng heard about the new self-closing door on the BMW X5, he thought it was pretty cool. Little did he know it would end up being nothing short of a nightmare — after it chopped off his right thumb.

Now the Long Island is suing the manufacturer for unspecified damages.

?I don?t know how you put a price on it; it?s a life-changer,? Boateng, a 61-year-old software engineer from Valley Stream, said. ?I carried my thumb into the hospital, and they said, ?What happened to you???

?I said, ?My car door.? I?m holding my thumb, they took it and put it on ice. The nurse said, ?Maybe the doctor can put it back on.? The doctor came in and looked at it and said, ?I?m sorry.? He said he couldn?t. The way it got severed, it couldn?t be saved.??

In his lawsuit Boateng describes what happened to him on his way to meet a friend for dinner on July 16, 2016. He was leaning on the Black SUV, resting his hand against the door (like pictured above).  Continue reading

Mother Charged for Child’s Death in Car Accident, After Cop’s Collision Caused It

Brittany Stephens, mother to baby that was killed in accident.

*A Baton Rouge mother is not only mourning the death of her one-year-old daughter after a car accident, but she is most likely working to get a good lawyer — one that will keep her out of jail after she was arrested on Tuesday in relation to her daughter’s death.

According to a police report, on October 12, 2017, off-duty Baton Rouge officer Christopher Manuel, 28, was said to be driving at a speed of 94 mph when his  2007 Chevrolet Corvette struck the Nissan that Brittany Stephens was a passenger in, along with three other adults and a child. Continue reading

Whoa! Florida Man Calls 911 While Driving, Tells Them, ‘My Gas Peddle is Stuck!’

Cooper walks towards officers after incredible road trip

*Joseph Cooper has gone through something every driver has thought of, what will I do if my gas peddle sticks? Instead of panicking, he made every attempt to stay calm as his BMW sped down the I-95 Freeway near Vero Beach at 95 miles an hour. On the phone he told 911, “My gas peddle is stuck.” When the operator asked him if he could shift his car in neutral, she probably heard the fear and frustration in his voice as he responded,  “I can’t, ma’am, I tried that already. I’m trying to hold onto the wheel and talk to you at the same time.”

Add to this, the fact that he admitted to the dispatcher he almost hit someone, and yelled “Get out of the way!,” according to the recording.

Cooper told emergency dispatchers that he lost control of his SUV shortly before 1 pm. Authorities helped control traffic as his vehicle sped along the freeway with flashers and a green strobe on.

It wasn’t until spoke strips were deployed that Cooper’s car finally settled down to 40 mph. But the driver was still unable to stop.

Continue reading

Hotel Valet Hands Ferrari Keys to Wrong Man…Real Owner, a Lawyer, Poised to Sue!


An exact model, but not the real car or driver.

*Levi Miles pulled a slick one. He was allegedly trying to impress a woman he had just met at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club (Marriott) in St. Petersburg, FL., when he pointed to a yellow beauty out front and told the valet, “That’s my Ferrari out there!” He even managed to convince the valet that he had somehow left his ticket inside the car.

The fool, er, valet, fell for it and then handed Miles the keys. He turned his back as the fake car owner got inside and drove off.

Dude almost got away with it too.

But then this happened. Continue reading

It’s Official! Uber Teams With NASA…Here Comes Flying Cars! (Watch)

Whew! Well at least there’s a pilot!

*OK, technically it will be called UberAir…but “flying cars” sounds so much more…how shall I say… exciting, don’t you think? Oh I know what some of you might be thinking: “I’ve barely gotten over getting into the car with a complete stranger.” “I’m even more terrified at the thought of driver-less cars!”

Now Uber wants me to be up in the sky in one?

“Where will it end?” might be your final question. Allow me get that for you…

It won’t.

I get the feeling Uber is trying to take over the planet, no, the  Universe. But that’s a story for another day.

On Wednesday the gargantuan ride share company officially teamed up with NASA to develop a traffic systems for a flying car project it hopes to start testing in 2020. Continue reading

CEO Kyle Thomas Offers Commuters Another Travel Option With ‘Catchr’ App!

*(Los Angeles, CA) ? Kyle Thomas, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur recently entered the technology business with his newest invention — ?Catchr? a state-of-the-art app that allows commuters to request and purchase rides from their smart phone.  Getting to and from the bus stop or train station remains a significant barrier to using public transportation. Even though many commuters are interested in using public transportation, many are discouraged because they still have to spend time and money on using their own car, a taxi, UBER or Lyft to reach their final destination.  Catchr closes the gap by transporting passengers from the train or bus stop to their office or to their home at an affordable cost.

Catchr?s services are targeted to first and last mile users. This usually means commuters who need to get from the train or bus station to their final destination, which is usually home.  Catchr eliminates stress by freeing commuters from having to use their cars and pay for parking. Catchr also transports passengers from train stations to shopping centers, from business parks to bus terminals, or from doorstep to doorstep.

As Kyle Thomas explains to EURThisNthat, ?What I?ve created is a ?liquid? flexible routing system between point A and B.  We want to ease the lives of commuters by offering them a stress-free experience and live up to our slogan ?Always Going Your Way!?

Catchr CEO, Kyle Thomas

Continue reading

Bicycle-Related Fatalities Increase On National Scale, But Will States Respond?

Bicycling is undoubtedly a beloved American pastime, and its popularity only continues to rise. In 2015 alone, 36 million Americans over the age of seven rode a bike six times or more. But unfortunately, as cycling becomes more prevalent, bicycle-related deaths do, too. And while a national report has found that bike fatalities are on an upsurge, many states aren’t exactly sure how to fix the problem. Continue reading

Will Uber and Lyft Make Taxi’s Obsolete? According to Recent Stats…Maybe


Ride-share. Who’d a thunk it five years ago?  Well, outside of the brilliant minded folks who were working on it behind the scenes, that is.

Who would have imagined one day we, the general public, would not only be able to push a button on our phone screen; jump into the car of a complete stranger and end up at our destination’ but we’d be able to — barring any criminal history — be the drivers behind many of those cars?

The industry has totally changed the way we travel AND the economy — the way we make money.

But that’s an article for another day!

As for travel, its hard to ignore the fact that many folks are switching from taxi to Uber — the largest ride-hailing company in the world, or Lyft, a close second; where they not only notice a decrease in travel costs, but a difference in how a rider is treated (not to mention cleaner cars that don’t smell like stale cigarettes!).

But does this mean the taxi industry is becoming obsolete? Continue reading