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6 Guests Show Up to Wedding Accidentally Wearing the Exact Same Dress

More than three million people fly around the world each day on commercial aircrafts. Many of those people are flying to destination weddings in hopes of having a wonderful, amazing, and unforgettable time. And considering that the average wedding costs $13,100, it’s easy to see why so many couples want their wedding day to be absolutely perfect.

There are many things that can go wrong during a wedding, but one Australian wedding recently went viral after six guests broke an unwritten wedding rule: never wear the same dress as someone else.

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Houston Housing Market Unaffected By Hurricane Harvey

Houston, Texas is still one of the most popular places for American homebuyers despite mass-flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

According to The New York Times, Houston not only continues to see population growth, but also has a steady growth of up to 40,000 housing units annually.

“You have a country that’s divided between high-cost places like Bay Area and New York and higher unemployment areas like Detroit, and places like Houston pick up the slack,” BuildZoom chief economist Issi Romem told NYT.

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Watersides Galore: Two New Water Slides In Two Asian Countries

Everyone loves a good water slide. They come in a variety of sizes and in a variety of types, with a lot of features and additions. They can be inflatable or even made of extremely strong glass.

Something that China demonstrated last month with the construction of a large glass water slide down a mountainside. The water slide, located in Lingshou County, combines the exciting aspects of a roller coaster and a water park into one tourist destination. The slide features multi-layered parts that overlap each other, creating a truly epic experience.
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Motorhome Company Winnebago Releases New Line Of RVs Including New Revel

Motorhome company Winnebago Industries Inc. revealed on Tuesday, September 19 its newest model of RV — the Revel. The compact, 4×4 RV hosts a 140-cubic foot gear garage, a full galley, diesel-powered heating, and standard solar power system.

“The Revel is a true 4×4 RV designed to take you to places no other Winnebago motorhome has gone before,” said Director of Product Management Russ Garfin to Forbes. “The amenities and features of the coach allow for comfortable exploration of remote places.”

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Have You Been Improperly Brushing Your Teeth? This Dentist Believes So

Dental hygiene is important. It has a major impact on the overall health of the body, and making sure that you clean your teeth often and properly is one of the cornerstones of dental hygiene. It’s also one of the easiest and most widely known ways to keep teeth healthy. However, despite this, more than 40% of children have cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. And the reason might be that we’re all brushing our teeth completely wrong.

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Storage Industry Growth Makes Margate, FL Consider Ban On Facilities

At a City Commission workshop in Margate, FL, attendees discussed having the city confine all new storage facilities to the industrial zone, but officials were not happy about that solution. They don’t want any more facilities opening, period.

“We have nine in nine square miles,” said Vice Mayor Arlene Schwartz. “I think we have enough.”

This comes after several years of facilities appearing in their city, and mostly for individuals that don’t live within the city limits. The decision to ban all new storage facilities comes after the city commission had extended a moratorium on new facility applications.

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Welsh Man Becomes First Person to Survive Swimming Across Hoover Dam

One Welsh man is dam lucky.

Aaron Huges was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party when he decided to do something risky — swim across the Hoover Dam. Just how risky was this maneuver? He is the first person believed to have swum the dam and survived to tell the tale, but his celebration didn’t last long. A $330 fine was waiting for him once he reached the other side of the river.
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Outbreak Of Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Confirmed At Harvard University

Up to 99.7% of American adults believe in the social importance of a healthy smile. Unfortunately, for those at Harvard University, an illness making its way through campus is making it difficult to maintain a healthy smile.

According to The Harvard Crimson the university’s Health Services confirmed on Monday, September 11 that the campus had seen a number of isolated cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

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