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How to Date While Social Distancing

The time of COVID-19 has changed everything


Most of the United States has begun slowly loosening restrictions on social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet. In fact, most singles are still hesitant to go on in-person dates with the people they have met online — so much so, that people have even begun to list their health status in their Tinder bios.

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4 Fun Things to Do During Your Quarantine

Things are scary right now — for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire celebrity living in a mansion or you’re a single mom who lost all three of your jobs: everyone is stressed out right now. Sure, some are much more stressed than others, especially those who are dealing with health concerns or family issues, but there is no doubt about it: everyone is overwhelmed at the moment.

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COVID-19: How American Industry Has Been Effected

The COVID 19 pandemic crisis has not been easy for anyone. Currently, in the United States, unemployment is 14.7% and over 20 million jobs have been lost. Every industry has been affected in some way and will continue to be as the year goes on.


Sobering statistics


Overall, layoffs and furloughs have effected minority workers, including people of color, women, as well as young workers the most. Furthermore, broader measures of joblessness that include part-time workers who want full-time work, discouraged workers no longer seeking employment, and the unemployed is at the highest it’s ever been: 22.8%. Another statistic to pay attention to the current job openings which have fallen by nearly 30% since March.

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Self Care: Importance of Taking Care of Your Self During Your 2020 Quarantine

The coronavirus known as COVID-19, as of this writing, is still spreading rapidly across the U.S., and quarantines are still in progress. This is having a major impact on the nation and its people, and that likely includes you, too. At best, being in quarantine away from work or college is boring or annoying, and at worst, it may do great damage to your financial life. But now is not the time for despair. During quarantine, you can use all this newfound free time to reassess your lifestyle and your collection of worldly possessions and practice some self-care. Overall, Americans push themselves very hard to succeed in school, work, and life in general, and a lot of self-care ideas are neglected on the way. But now, you can relearn those self-care ideas and emerge from quarantine feeling much better about yourself and your lifestyle. How might this work?

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Innovative Vegan Dating App Hopes that Young Singles Will Take a Bite

Even social distancers can't resist

Dating apps are all the rage, especially during this period of social distancing. After all the average single can’t simply go to a bar to scout for local singles in their area. Americans typically get about one billion colds each year, but this current strain of coronavirus demands that people stay in their home and “shelter in place” as best they can.

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Busch Offers Beer to Dog Foster Parents During Covid-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has undoubtedly affected the entire country in one way or another. Many people are not only dealing with the potential hazards the virus poses to our health, but issues like a potential decrease in income or even job loss.

However, human beings are not the only ones put at risk by the virus and its aftereffects. Dogs without homes in particular are suffering from issues presented by COVID-19. This is because a lot of animal shelters are being forced to close their doors to the public, to prevent the spread of the virus.

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7 Tips For Training Your Pet During This Quarantine

Being stuck during this quarantine can be boring for both you and your pet. The pandemic is a time where people are trying to establish a long term financial plan while being forced at home. To save money and keep boredom at bay, you can spend quality time bonding with your pet. While you’re staying safe by social distancing, there are fun and educational things that you can do together to pass the time. Here are tips and activities for training your pet during this quarantine.

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How Famous People Are Handling This Global Pandemic

When times get hard, it’s not always easy to see a way out. Nor is it easy to lift your spirits. With things so topsy turvy, it can seem as though life may never return to normal again. More than 23 million older adults in the United States are economically insecure. However, there is always hope. In light of the current global pandemic, famous people and celebrities offer some interesting insights, reassurance, and inspiration for all of us. Here are a few of the ways in which famous people are handling this global pandemic.

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