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H2- Oh, How Interesting! Scientists Discover Water’s Fourth Molecular Phase

Up until now, the world has viewed water as naturally existing in three separate phases: gas, liquid, and ice. But now, scientists have found that there may be a fourth phase of this interesting molecule that has the potential to change how we view water as a whole.

According to an international group of scientists, liquid water is not just one liquid, but two. Anders Nilsson, a Swedish scientist and head of the water research team reports to the Washington Post that his team was able to physically show the transition between two different forms of liquid water, something that has never been done before.
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College Student, Otto Warmbier, Dies After 17 Months Held In Detention In North Korea

In the United States, roughly 20 million people suffer from depression at any given time. Those depression rates may very well increase over the next couple of years as world events take a turn for the worse. While the UK has suffered a series of tragedies over the past couple of months, the US was delivered a punch to the heart itself on June 19 with the death of college student Otto Warmbier. Continue reading

Pet Wills Are Newest Trend in Estate Planning

Pets are now being incorporated into their owners’ wills and estates.

It is usually recommended for someone to prepare their will by the time they reach 40, and more and more pet owners are adding a specific clause into their will to protect their furry friends.

For many Americans, their pets are much like family. Beverley Passetti considers her three pets, Lennon, Toby, and Shylo, to be her children, and does her best to take care of all their needs. She has even gone so far as to protect her four-legged companions legally, in case something happens to her and they are left alone. Continue reading

Sugary Coffee and Energy Drinks Are Ruining Your Family’s Teeth

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your kids both safe and healthy in any way possible. Obviously you’re going to do your best to keep them out of direct harm, but sometimes even something as harmless as grocery shopping can result in serious damage to the wellbeing of your children.

Buying sugary drinks might give you a few “cool” points for the time being, but you have to weigh these cool points against the damage all that sugar can do to your kids’ teeth. Although popular sports drinks are harmful to teeth, researchers now say that energy drinks actually result in twice as much enamel loss. Energy drinks cause 3.1% tooth enamel loss compared to only 1.5% for sports drinks. Continue reading

Diamond Ring Thought to Be Costume Jewelry Expected to Fetch Thousands at London Auction

 One diamond owner in the United Kingdom is about to get very lucky.

Back almost 30 years ago, the owner bought a diamond ring from a garage sale in London for the equivalent of $13 USD. They mistook the diamond for costume jewelry, and only just found out that it is actually worth thousands. In fact, it is set to go up for auction soon and is hoping to fetch around $45,000 thousand, or ?350,000.

The story of this diamond is a pretty remarkable one. The owner has worn this dazzling gem almost every day, completing chores, shopping, and bathing, and had no idea what was under her nose until a jeweler approached her and mentioned it could hold real value.
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Computer Games and Food Cravings Have More in Common Than Once Thought, Study Shows

Summer is fast approaching, and us moms all know what that means — a season of no school and unhealthy eating. Considering that 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in frozen desserts, it comes as no surprise that ice cream temptation is exceptionally high in the warmer months.

We all know how hard it can be to say no to our child’s plea for some ice cream because let’s be honest, we always want some ourselves. Despite knowing how important it is to start developing healthy eating habits from a young age, frankly, it is easier said than done.

However, there is a new computer game — I know, I know, but bear with me on this one! — that may make our jobs a little bit easier.

Psychologists at the University of Exeter, England have created an interesting game that helps teach children how to make healthy choices. The game is quite easy to play; the child has to press a button when a healthy food pops up on the screen and do nothing when junk food appears. Then, if the child gets it right, a happy face is shown with healthy food and a sad face with unhealthy food as a way to reinforce positive habits and behaviors.

The goal of the game is to change how the brain works. Lucy Porter, the lead researcher on the project, explains to Science Daily how the brain can be trained to create a healthier association with food:

“The sight of foods like chocolate can activate reward centers in the brain at the same time as reducing activity in self-control areas. Our training encourages people to make a new association — when they see unhealthy food, they stop.”

While this game surely won’t limit the number of ads for sugary food out there, it will give families the opportunity to control their cravings, Porter explains. After all, it is a free game and it may give your child satisfaction when they get rewarded with happy faces for choosing healthier foods — it is the little things that matter, right?

So moms, what do you all think? When released, will you try this out with your family?