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Keeping Heating On Low Could Prevent Pipes From Freezing, Experts Say

It’s no secret that winter weather can wreak havoc on your home. But it turns out that cranking up the heat might not be the best solution.

According to UK home interior specialists at Hillarys, you can reduce your risk of frozen pipes by keeping your heating on low at a constant temperature. While you’re away on vacation or traveling, the specialists said, it’s recommended to leave your heating on at 55 degrees at the very least, especially during sub-zero temperatures.

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The Oddest Sports to Ever Feature in the Olympics

Do you have an athletic and active lifestyle? Getting enough exercise is vital for human health. Cardio activities and high-intensity, muscle-burning activities can truly be life-changing. Many of these sports can be performed outdoors, and for those interested, low-impact sports such as fishing are a fine way to get some fresh air. In 2017, for a fairly recent example, some 11.6 million youth participants aged six to 17 took part in fishing across the United States. There is also hiking, rock climbing, and more.

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Cox Communications Hit With $1 Billion Fine For Music Piracy

Cox Communications has been ordered to pay $1 billion in damages for letting customers pirate music. The cable television company was accused of turning a blind eye to the illegal downloading of over 10,000 musical works and subsequently sued in June 2018 by EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, Universal Music, and others.

The companies who filed the lawsuit against Cox said they sent thousands of copyright infringement notices. But Cox Communications only took action against repeat offenders in a “13-strike policy” and account terminations weren’t permanent.

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Ex-Apple Engineers Create Cheaper, More Powerful Self-Driving Hardware

A new start-up called Aeva is making waves in Silicon Valley and Porsche is backing them up. According to CNBC, California-based start-up Aeva has developed smaller hardware capable of collecting and processing data about the surroundings of a self-driving vehicle in real-time.

The founders of the technology, former Apple engineers, believe the hardware would cost as little as $500 per unit. That’s less than other alternatives currently on the market.

The hardware is not only more affordable and powerful, but it’s also impressive enough to catch the attention of Porsche SE, the majority owner of Volkswagen AG, the world’s biggest automaker. Porsche has put in an undisclosed amount into the start-up and Volkswagen’s self-driving unit is already considering using the hardware in a future vehicle.

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Strange Driving Laws You Might Not Know

Even if you think you’re an expert driver, there are a few strange driving laws some states have on the books that almost nobody remembers. You never know – a cop might pull you over for one of these strange and unusual offenses at some point in the future! Here are some of the weirdest driving laws you’ll find in the United States.

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Demi Moore’s Tell-All Book Makes Waves Throughout Hollywood

demi moore bookAlthough star Demi Moore hasn’t necessarily made an appearance in any Hollywood blockbusters as of late, that hasn’t stopped her from becoming the subject of frequent tabloid fodder. There are over 92 million tons of paper produced each year but none are so poignant as Moore’s new tell-all memoir. Now, the actress is certainly making headlines for her bombshell confessions told therein.

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11-Year-Old’s Device Could Help Prevent Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke

The roadways are one of the most dangerous places in the entire United States. In a single year in Texas alone, there was one auto crash reported every 59 seconds, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Unfortunately, in Texas and other states that frequently see high temperatures, a vehicle can be just as dangerous while parked. 

According to Kids and Cars, there have been a total of 52 vehicular heatstroke fatalities throughout 2019. Since 1998, 818 children have died from pediatric vehicular heatstroke, which occurs when a child’s body temperatures rises to 104 degrees. Sadly, this kind of tragedy can happen almost anywhere — but parents and vehicle owners in states that often see temperatures near triple-digits need to be extra careful.

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