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Want $10K Without Working for It? The State of Vermont Will Pay You to Move There!

*Go ahead. Read the headline again. We’ll wait. See? It still reads the same. In plainer talk, if you up and leave wherever you live right now, and move to the northeastern state of Vermont, you will be given $10,000.

With this timely news, I might be doing all of the folks complaining about the outrageous cost-of-living in southern Cali, and threatening to leave as a result, a favor.

You’re welcome.

But there’s a catch: You will need to have a job OUTSIDE of Vermont, in a whole ‘nother state and work remotely.

This is not a joke. Continue reading

Singers Wanted: Open Auditions for ‘The Voice’ Coming to Town this Summer!

THE VOICE ? Season: 14 ? Pictured: (l-r) Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys ? (Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC)

*Honey chile listen up, this may be your time to shine! We just learned that NBC’s ‘The Voice — the hottest singing competition on TV — with four of the most successful recording artists (Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton) serving as coaches, is hitting the road this summer and wants to audition bad-ass talent at their OPEN CALL AUDITIONS!

Does this sound like you?

If so, hurry and brush up on those vocal chords — after all, you don’t want to end up like Adele and Sza.


The show is searching for solo artists and duos that perform all types of music: pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, alternative, Latin, country, blues, indie.

The requirements include being legally present in the U. S., must over the age of 13,  and meet all other eligibility requirements.

So far they are set to travel to the following locations. Good luck! Continue reading

NYC Gynecologist Sues Patient for Bad Online Review (He Wants A Million Bucks!)

*This changing world has made everyone feel like they can be a critic. It’s so easy to go online and write a review after receiving a service, or shopping at a store, or eating at a restaurant. In fact, reports say 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions.

Customer and business review sites such as Yelp can make a business of any size a bit nervous if someone writes a bad review; and folks are sharing opinions on everything from a stay at an airbnb, how they were treated on an airline flight, lack of cleanliness in a restaurant restroom, or in this case, a visit to the doctors office.

But legal analysts warn, you’d better choose your words carefully when writing such a review. It can come back yo bite you!

This is a warning that came a bit too late for a Manhattan woman named Michelle Levine; who told CBS New York she’s already spent close to $20,000 fighting the million-dollar suit from Dr. Joon Song, a gynecologist she had a single visit with in August for an annual exam. Continue reading

Editorial: Responses from Roseanne Barr (to Cast Members) Weakens Her Apology for Racist Tweet

*Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Will Roseanne Barr ever learn that everything that pops into her head does not need to be tweeted out to the public? She is acting just like her apparent mentor, without the benefits. He’s still on office…her unemployment became effective immediately.

But the real concern here is how weak her apology to the cast members and crew of the rebooted Roseanne show — those who lost their jobs due to her big mouth — has become.

Her whole “I should’ve known better” comment did somehow appear to show her taking responsibility for that careless tweet; where she compared former Obama Senior Adviser, Valerie Jarrett (Am I the only one who thinks the two women actually favor?) to an ape.

?Don?t feel sorry for me, guys!!-I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people,and wonderful writers (all liberal) and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet.? –Roseanne Barr

But that accountability diminished when she, one: attempted to blame her actions on medication, and two: demonstrated her true colors by criticizing cast members (scroll down) who responded about how “disgusted” they were about her comment.

WTF? What did she expect them to say? Anything else would have them appearing just as dumb as her.

Yeah. I said it! Continue reading

Mystery Solved! Passenger Videotapes Honolulu Airport Worker Throwing Luggage Down Chute (Watch)

*No, an airline worker mishandling our luggage is not a good look for any airline. Especially since we have to pay for the privilege of taking our luggage on the plane with us.

Yes. I’m being facetious.

But one baggage handler at the Honolulu Airport clearly doesn’t like her job; and secondly, doesn’t give a damn about your luggage.

Fox News reports traveler Vanessa Marsh spotted a female staffer throwing hefty suitcases down a metal chute onto a plane bound for Phoenix, and posted a 30-second video clip of the scene to the social network on May 9. Scroll down to see the clip. Continue reading

Would You Ever Take Serious Action to Help End Racism? (This Black Musician Did, And 200 Klansman Left the Order)

Daryl Davis with former KKK Imperial Wizard Roger Kelly. (Photo: Daryl Davis)

*There’s a changing sign down the hill and around the corner from my house. It is a part of a school, but to make it less easy for you to judge it, I won’t mention its name. Each week I have grown to look forward to the message they ceremoniously place on the board each Monday. The author of the quote is never revealed. They must feel the exact way I do about giving too much information.

Homo sapiens. We’re an interesting bunch.

Anyway, one week the sign read “If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you will find an excuse.”

I knew the time would come when that quote would be useful to me. It’s now, as I repeat the headline question: Would you ever take serious action to help end racism?

Now I’m no fool. It’s a complicated, multi-leveled, systematic, centuries-old thing, racism. I realize that. But humor me as you put your comments in the box below; because I’m one of those people who actually believes (and have witnessed) change happen one person at a time.

What started this whole thinking process? Daryl Davis. He reminds me of myself: Curious as hell when something so ludicrous presents itself to me. As opposed to just automatically judging it, before I eliminate it entirely and move on, I try to figure out where the hell it came from. What was the logic behind it? Did the person think of what will happen next (obviously Roseanne Barr didn’t)? If so, what did that look like in their mind? Continue reading

Dangling Child Saved By Real-Life Spiderman (Watch)

*A boy is alive today after being rescued as he dangled from a fourth floor balcony in Paris on Saturday. His hero, Mamoudou Gassama, is a 22-year-old man who seemed to effortlessly scale the building exterior to take hold of the child.

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris dubbed Gassama ?Spider-Man of the 18th,? due to the rescue that happened in the city?s 18th arrondissement (district).

?I did not think of the floors? I did not think of the risk,? Gassama told Le Parisien, about the 4-year-old child he saved.

Gassama had arrived in Paris from Mali only months before, and explained to Hidalgo that he wanted to build a life in Paris.  

?I told him that his heroic act is an example to all citizens and that the city of Paris will obviously be very keen to support him in his efforts to settle in France,? the mayor revealed. Continue reading

These Doggies ‘Work’ at Amazon: All 6,000 of ‘Em and Get Perks, Too! (Look-it!)

Amazon is giving us a 15-minute break so were taking a walk!

*Go ahead, admit it. The fact that Amazon, the giant retailer that appears to be aiming for world takeover, employs dogs is news to you, right? It’s news to me, too.

Good news. Because in case you didn’t know it, I love dogs and now, I love Amazon even more.

Why? Because of them, doggies don’t have to be depressed because they are at home, alone, for 8 hours while their human is at work. In Seattle, according to the Amazon blog, humans share their work space with at least 6,000 dogs every day.

If you don’t just love this idea, something is wrong with you!

If I could take our dogs — Pebbles (Pit-Rhodesian Ridge-back mix) and Bam Bam (Pit-American Stafford mix) to work with me each day they’d be over the moon happy!

“Pebbles” left) and “Bam-Bam” (right) belong to EURweb writer, DeBorah B. Pryor. Photo credit and courtesy use: DeBorah B. Pryor


And the Amazon staff owe this particular perk to a four-legged dude named Rufus. In the early days of the company the dog was brought to the office by a husband and wife team, and the employees fell in love with the dog.

And Rufus quickly proved himself useful in the office, allowing humans to help him click on some of the website links. The dog has since passed away, but he definitely reached iconic status.

Amazon states that there are photos of Rufus around the 8.1 million square foot campus and he even has a building named after him.

 According to CNBC, Rufus made such an impact that if you click a broken link and land on an error page, his picture comes up, along with three other dogs that followed in his “paw” steps, says Amazon: Lucy the Labrador, Sherriff the golden-Aussie mix and Martini the papillon.
As for those perks previously mentioned, I didn’t forget.

Amazon installed a doggie deck for pets to run around on the 17th floor. And what would pee-time be like with a fire hydrant? Doggie won’t have to know because Amazon had a fake fire hydrant put in. There is also dog relief areas and water stations. Additionally, the company offers a leash-free dog park where pups can play on rocks and other structures.

Amazon is giving us a 15-minute break so were taking a walk!

And get this: on Halloween there’s an event called Barktoberfest, and the pups get to dress up, along with their human. Costumes are said to range from John Snow to unicorns.

Now, everyone in the corporate world has a supervisor right? So no doubt you’re wondering who the dogs report to at the office. That person is none other than Lara Hirschfield, Amazon’s “Woof Pack” Manager.

“Dogs in the workplace is an unexpected mechanism for connection,” says Hirschfield. “I see Amazonians meeting each other in our lobbies or elevators every day because of their dogs.”

See? She gets it! I love this. I hope it spreads to other offices; even if its just for a day!

Watch these employee dogs at work (and play) below.