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On ‘The Real’: Is Emotional Cheating a Problem? + Tamera?s Friend Zone Tips

the real crew - 01-09-18

*Today, Friday, June 8, the ladies of The Real celebrate Fri-Yay! They also discuss whether you should change your name for a job opportunity.

Plus, is emotional cheating really cheating if there is no intimacy involved? The hosts agree that having feelings for someone can only lead to being physical.

Later the women wonder how much money they would let come between a friendship. And co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley shares tips on how to put someone back in the friend zone.

the real crew - 01-10-18

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Black Folks and Mental Health: How to End the Stigma

The African American community is no different from other communities when it comes to mental health. Yet, it faces disparity when it comes to access to quality care. This disparity can be attributed to three reasons; lack of resources, lack in quality of care and a stigma surrounding mental health in the community.

The stigma exists from lack of trust in the medical system, lack of services that are culturally aware and the need for privacy. All of these concerns coming from the community are legitimate. Black folks are more likely to be misdiagnosed with schizophrenia due to the lack of understanding on part of the physician about how distress is expressed in the community.

Rather than being offered psychotherapy or medication, African American folks suffering from mental health have to rely on emergency treatments. They are not provided complete information about available options for care. Those whose mental health continues to worsen face incarceration in their future.

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‘The Color Purple’ Strikes Gold at the Pantages in Hollywood

color purple

*It did not matter that there were more famous names in the audience on opening night of The Color Purple at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood than there were on stage. The tour of the Tony-winning hit Broadway musical, based on the novel by Alice Walker and the movie of the same name, is without name recognition or elaborate scenery.

In fact, the scenery is nothing more than three wooden panels and some chairs. At first, I wondered how it would work, but it did not take long for me to stop focusing on the insignificant. My attention was quickly diverted to the actors and their ability to belt out songs like nobody?s business.

The musical, like the book and movie, tells the coming of age and the enlightenment of Celie (Adrianna Hicks), a young African American girl who had her two babies, both sired by her own father (J.D. Webster), stripped away from her and who was subsequently forced to marry Mister (Gavin Gregory), only to become nothing more than an abused servant and semen repository.

With the help of two strong women, Sophia (Carrie Compere) and Shug Avery (Carla R. Stewart), Celie learns self-love, gains strength, finds self-esteem and becomes a woman who proclaims, ?I?m Here!?

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Urban Tech Gala Honors David & Lisa Grain – June 13 in NYC

Urban Tech Holds Its 23rd Anniversary Gala In NYC On Wednesday, June 13

david & lisa grain
Lisa and David Grain

New York, NY ? The annual National Urban Technology Center Gala Awards Dinner ? co-hosted by award winning journalist Alicia Quarles  ? will take place in New York City on June 13th at The Pierre Hotel.

This year?s honorees are private equity firm Founder & CEO of Grain Management, David J. Grain and wife Dr. Lisa Grainwho has dedicated her career to healthcare, education, and mentorship and currently sits on the board of trustees at Martha?s Vineyard Hospital – along with honorary chair Vernon E. Jordan Jr., who is the Senior Managing Director of Lazard.

The evening?s program, which will highlight Urban Tech?s commitment to help provide a proactive approach in preventing bullying in schools, will entail a silent auction with seats for three different phenomenal Broadway shows up for bid: Hamilton, Boys In The Band and Iceman Cometh.

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On ‘The Real’: Tamera Wanted a Mini Her + Loni Gets a Surprise Visit?

the real crew - 01-08-18

*On Monday, June 4, the hosts of The Real talk about the kind of things that make their skin crawl. Plus, would it bother you if someone said your child looked more like their father? Co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley reveals she prayed for a mini her. The ladies also discuss who would be their life partner in a marriage pact, and Loni Love makes a surprising reveal about hers.

Later, actress Logan Browning visits to talk about her show, Dear White People. Also in a heartfelt confession, she reveals her biggest insecurity and encourages viewers to love their flaws.

logan browning & the real crew (06-04-18)

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Lula Washington Presents New Works from Kyle Abraham, David Rousseve: Exploring Unjust Police Killings of Black Males

lula washington ford theater1

Lula Washington‘s concert is Friday, June 8 @ 8:30 pm at the newly renovated John Anson Ford Theatre complex, 2580 Chauenga Boulevard East, Hollywoood CA 90068. Discount tickets are available by using the code: LULAFRIEND. The Box Office number is 323-461-3673.

Olga Garay, interim Executive Director of the Ford, funded LWDT to secure the new works from Kyle Abraham and David Rousseve; and to get an update from Rennie Harris of his previous work for Lula, called “Reign.”

“The idea was all Olga’s,” said Lula. “She called one day and offered this to us. It was a wonderful surprise.”

Olga said she got the idea when she realized that Rousseve, Abraham, and Harris, had all been in Los Angeles teaching at UCLA. She thought it would be fantastic to connect them with Lula, whose company has been a local icon since 1980.

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2 Florida Men Finally Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to Cross-Burning

Thomas Herris Sigler
Thomas Herris Sigler III

*Pasco County, Florida resident, Thomas Herris Sigler III, and his accomplice, William A. Dennis, were finally handed down sentences in relation to a shocking cross burning incident carried out in 2012, outside of a neighbor?s home.

Released court documents show that the two men, residents of a mostly white Pasco County community known as Seward Drive, conspired to commit the crime along with other residents at a Halloween party, shortly after an interracial couple moved in next door.

Sigler, Dennis and others reportedly gathered wood, gasoline and other tools and carried the cross to their neighbors? yard together before setting it alight in full view. In later statements, Sigler describes his actions as an attempt to force his neighbors from their home.

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LA Civil Rights Leaders Want DA to File Charges Against LAPD Officer

Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney
Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney

*A coalition of clergy and civil rights leaders are calling upon L.A. County D.A. Jackie Lacey to follow the recommendation of LAPD, Chief Charlie Beck and file criminal charges against LAPD officer Clifford Procter for the murder of Brendon Glenn.

Proctor shot and killed Glenn who was unarmed and homeless on May 5th, 2015. On the 2-year anniversary of Glenn?s killing Our city is still waiting on justice and for Lacey to simply follow the recommendation of LAPD Chief Beck.

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