Tips for Staying Healthier While Staying at Home

With the new year here and keeping the events of the last two years in mind, staying healthy is probably something that’s on many people’s priorities. If you’re wondering how to avoid catching a virus and coming down with something, read on. We have an outline of five tips that will help you stay healthier while staying at home.

Check For Radon

Radon is odorless and invisible, and it can seep into crawl spaces, slabs, and basements to pose a serious health risk to a home’s inhabitants. Since you can neither smell it nor see it, it’s important to have an expert test its levels in your home as it’s responsible for a large number of fatalities from lung cancer in the United States. Approximately one home in every fifteen is estimated to have radon at levels that are either at or above the action level submitted by the EPA. For this reason, it’s advisable to make sure that your home isn’t a radon hot spot, especially because everyone is staying at home for a lot longer.

Work on Your Fitness

While many gyms remain closed and it’s generally not advisable to go out for needs that aren’t considered essential, you should not neglect your fitness. Search online to find a fitness routine that can work for you in your specific situation and based on the equipment, if any, that you have. You’re bound to find something online, and if you can get an activity that the whole family can take part in, it will be all the better for you all.

Eat Healthy

The food we eat provides the foundation of good health and natural immunity in our bodies. This makes it important to carefully plan your meals to make sure that you’re eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Since going out has been minimized, you may find yourself having to cook more often and having the time to do so. Take advantage of this and make every meal count, getting a serving of immune-boosting goodness each time you serve a plate. With about 600 million or one out of every 10 people falling ill from eating contaminated food each year as found by the World Health Organization, you will also benefit from thoroughly cleaning your food and storing it well so it stays fresh and clean.

Get The Necessary Vaccines

If there was ever a time to get current on your vaccines, this is it. Schedule a visit to your doctor so that you can update the vaccines you need. This will ensure that your natural immunity is given a boost and you’re better able to fight off a number of infections and diseases. The importance of scheduling rather than simply walking in is to ensure that your doctor can see you and you minimize your chances of having to wait in line.

Seek Care If Necessary

Finally, if you’re over the age of 65 years, it’s important to note that there is a chance of almost 70% that you will need one form of long-term care or another. If you feel like you could benefit from care, it’s best to seek it now rather than wait for a serious situation to push you to seek urgent care. When you maintain good health by avoiding potential injuries, you take an important step that will save you a lot of time, stress, and money that would go towards getting treatment.

As you follow the five tips above to maintain your physical health, don’t forget about your mental health. Check in on friends and family and spend time communicating with them, as virtual meetings will be better than solitude. When you do these, you will find that it’s easier for you to maintain overall health and stay in good shape.

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