How Can We Prevent Drug Use in America?

Drug use is a major problem that has developed exponentially over time, becoming an issue that needs intervention. Change is necessary in order to save the coming generations from falling into the same trap as the current one and so this is an important discussion. Read on to see five key ways in which we can prevent drug use in America.


Preventing as many people from ever crossing paths with addiction is the best thing that can be done. This is because of the expense and stigma associated with the issue in general which makes it better to keep people from addiction. This can be done by legislation and petitions directed towards keeping people who avail and peddle the drugs off the streets. Law enforcement should keep stepping up their efforts. It’s good news to hear news like a recent Crime Statistics report from Massachusetts, which shared that there were more than 5,000 arrests made for drug and narcotic violations throughout the state.

Keep Treatment Centers Accountable

Addiction treatment centers have a big role to play in the prevention of drug use in America. To this end, they must be kept accountable and ensured to provide full and comprehensive treatment programs for each person in their care. It is important for them to provide a range of treatment options including prevention of relapse, motivational enhancement, family education and support, cognitive-behavioral treatments, and more to ensure that they don’t relapse. It has been proven that relapse is less likely when different treatments are used, which is why this should be the aim of every treatment center that wants to drive positive change.


It’s important to educate the general public on safety measures against drug addiction. Making more people aware of the far-reaching effects of different addictions may help stop them from forming the addictions in the first place. This goes hand in hand with setting up stringent measures to keep people accountable. A good example of this is the institution of a higher set of standards by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association or FMCSA for the licensure of professional truck drivers at the beginning of February 7, 2020. When people know that they can miss out on good opportunities because of drug addiction, they may be inspired to avoid developing addictions.

Sharing Hope

For people already afflicted with drug and substance addiction, it’s important to spread a message of hope to them. Letting them know that there is life after addiction and that all is not lost may give them the strength to mentally fight their addiction. Giving them the chance to change and availing opportunities to them can go a long way in pulling them out of the path to destruction. This is something that everyone can do in their own way rather than judging them and shunning them for their condition.


Treatment is crucial in the prevention of drug use as it helps stop recurring use. This is why comprehensive treatment is especially important as it ensures that there are no cases of relapse, and people who get better can make great ambassadors for the fight against drugs. Because facilities offering treatment are often strained and have limited resources, getting funding for them can help them do a better job. About 70% of people about to turn 65 years old are set to be in need of one kind of long-term care or another during their lifetime. This will add more strain to people in the care industry, which is why the time to act on developing a robust system is now.

Drug use often places extra weight on any society’s resources, which is why it needs to be dealt with once and for all. Every single person treated for or saved from developing a drug-use problem is a step made towards a healthier future for the whole nation.

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