Why Do Celebrities Love Living in California?

California offers a lot of business for celebrities and it seems like anyone who is anyone takes up residence there. However, what is it about California that makes it so appealing to celebrities? Why do they seem to love living there so much?

To help you better understand the appeal, here is what you need to know about how California draws in the brightest stars.

1. The Luxury of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, as described by the popular band Wheezer, ‘That’s where I want to be’. And this is certainly true for a lot of celebrities. Homes in Beverly Hills go fast, as opposed to over 50% of homes in the DC Metro area that didn’t even sell the first time they were listed. This is due to the inherent luxury that many Beverly Hills homes feature. From winding driveways, quiet streets, state-of-the-art security systems, and manicured landscaping surrounding pools and Jacuzzis, these homes have everything that a celebrity could ever want.

For well-known celebrities, this peace and quiet can be a relaxing break from the paparazzi and flocks of fans that hound them every time they venture outside of their secluded homes.

2. The Pricier the Better

Another big draw is the price tags that come with the California lifestyle, particularly the kind found in Beverly Hills. To put this into perspective, the average home costs $374,900, and the ROI of a bathroom remodel in a standard home is 70.1%. Assuming the average cost is $19,134, making the return about $13,422. Now, the average cost of a house in Beverly Hills is $3,838,168. That is roughly the cost of 10 average homes, or roughly 200 bathroom remodels.

If you have a lot of money, Beverly Hills, California is one of the best places to show it off.

3. Easy Access to Nightlife

California is rife with nightlife, and celebrities love to show up and show off at the hottest and most exclusive clubs and restaurants in the state. When celebrities aren’t feeling like showing off for the cameras, they can experience a more quiet dining and club scene in Beverly Hills, where it is harder for paparazzi to hound them incessantly. Here, quite upscale bistros and cafes can be found that offer these A-listers a chance to enjoy a meal without constantly having their pictures snapped. It also helps that these restaurants are rated as some of the best in the country, so it isn’t hard to see why celebrities love them so much.

Furthermore, with easy access to nightlife comes easy access to chauffeur services that can help get them to and from their homes without needing to drive themselves. This means they can enjoy as many drinks as they want without worrying about getting behind the wheel. Similar to PA, where a second DUI conviction can result in five days to six months in jail, CA has some strict DUI rules and a second conviction can result in three to five years probation, fines, 96 hours to one year of jail time, and an ignition interlock device that needs to be installed for a year.

4. Being Close to Business and Peers

It’s no denying that Los Angeles is one of the hottest places for actors and celebrities to be, and being close to it can provide them with easier access to work. There’s a reason that most aspiring actors move to this area, and it’s no surprise that those who succeed usually stick around.

Additionally, because so many celebrities live in California, it gives them the chance to socialize with others in their business. This exclusive circle is something that can be harder to find anywhere else.

Living in Beverly Hills

It’s no denying that California is known for its celebrities, and it isn’t hard to see why. Between the luxury, exclusivity, and easy access to anything they could ever need, there isn’t any reason for any of them to leave. If given the chance, I’m sure many of us wouldn’t either!

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