How Is Technology Changing the Nature of the Job Search?

A growing number of employers are relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to aid them in the hiring process. “More job-seekers, including some professionals, may soon have to accept impersonal online interviews where they never talk to another human being, or know if behind-the-scenes artificial-intelligence systems are influencing hiring decisions,” The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

AI uses an algorithm to choose the most qualified candidates, saving employers time and money. Currently, the technology is not without its flaws. Tech companies and employers alike are still trying to assess whether AI can be used to accurately gauge a candidate’s competency.

The use of AI during the hiring process isn’t the only technology-fueled practice in the news. Here are some other ways the job search and hiring processes are evolving thanks to the latest tech.

Reviews Are Changing the Ways Candidates Search for Jobs

For a long time, candidates entered into the hiring process relatively blindly. Perhaps a friend, family member, or acquaintance offered their insight about working for a particular company, and that is as much inside information as candidates would generally have. Today, things are very different.

Online reviews make it possible for prospective employees to get a general feel for a company without ever working there. It is now possible to decide what attributes matter most to you, and tailor your job search accordingly. For example, if you wish to apply to a company with a laid-back work culture, a healthy work/life balance, or a company that offers part-time or full-time remote work, you can do that by reading the reviews first.

Don’t feel bad about having preferences. A Gallup poll shows that engaged employees are 21% more productive and 22% more profitable than their peers who report low job engagement.

Employees See A Dramatic Shift to Remote Work

Thanks to the global pandemic, more employees report working remotely part-time or full-time than ever before. Employers are carefully considering transitions back to the office. Some are foregoing the transition altogether and allowing full remote work, while others are favoring hybrid models that ask employees to come into the office on select days of the week only.

You May Have Colleagues in Different States or Across the Globe

Remote work gives employers the freedom and flexibility to hire candidates nationwide — or even from all across the globe. As remote work grows ever more popular and the latest tech continues to improve, you may very well get the news that your new colleague works across the country or on a different continent.

Remote work models also give employers greater freedom to outsource some departments as necessary. For example, training, payroll, and insurance may take up to 45% of employers’ time. Outsourcing administrative tasks can save businesses considerable time and money.

Your Online Presence Can Help or Hinder You

Finally, a word on your online presence: when it comes to employment, what you put on social media — what you put out there on any public space or platform — can make or break you.

As we know all-too-well, sharing controversial opinions or off-color views can put your employment at risk. If you are currently looking for a job, these posts can also persuade potential employers to reconsider your application. This isn’t anything new. In fact, nearly two-thirds (60%) of recruiters say how you will fit into the company culture is their top consideration.

On the flip side of that equation, there are many employers who overwhelmingly prefer candidates with a strong online presence. Optimally, they hope to find candidates who have a large following on social media, published articles, and/or a successful blog or podcast. Of course, they expect the content on those platforms to be aligned with their values as well.

Technology is changing the ways we find jobs and the way we’re hired, too. Keep the above pointers in mind as you tackle your next job search.

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