Kanye Reportedly Miffed Fans Think Kim Initiated Split

By now, the whole world knows that Kimye is no more. If you Google “Kimye,” you’re bound to be bombarded with stories surrounding the demise of this famous couple. One thing’s for sure: less than 1% of Google searchers click any link beyond the first search result’s page — and you won’t have to look further than that to learn the sordid details of this A-List couple’s split.

Page Six first reported the news by saying that divorce was imminent for Kim and Kanye in January. Kim filed in February, and Kanye responded.

Of course, the rumor mill is already running rampant. No one is necessarily surprised by the staggering divorce rates for regular people, and famous couples tend to have even lower chances of staying together. In the state of Pennsylvania alone, there were 32,985 divorces and annulments in 2019. One can only imagine how much more common divorce is in Hollywood.

The latest report now is that Kanye is “super-annoyed” about the reports that alleged Kim filed for divorce first, according to sources. One of the sources said that this narrative is part of the Kardashian’s “huge spin machine,” which sources allege allows for more control over how the public perceives the Kardashians and Jenners.

The source further stated that Kanye wanted out of the marriage for a year now. Kanye reportedly told Kim that they only have their kids in common and that Kim did all she could to save the marriage. To allow Kim her dignity and to save face, the source alleges, Kanye allowed Kim to be the one to file first. The source also stated that before the divorce filing, Kanye changed his contact numbers before informing his wife that she could contact him through his security detail for divorce-related matters.

Another source states that the demise of Kanye and Kim’s marriage is a result of various factors that accumulated over time. This accumulation created a distance between Kim and Kanye.

Sources told Page Six that the last straw for Kim was Kanye’s bizarre 2020 presidential run. Reportedly, the hip-hop star has grown tired of being involved with the Kardashian clan. One source also stated that Kris Jenner largely loomed in all of Kim’s decisions, making others wonder whether Kim’s mom was really pulling the strings in her daughter’s relationship.

While it isn’t likely cosmetic procedures were among Kanye and Kim’s marital issues, it may be that the Kardashians will be known for both their surgeries and their divorces. Americans underwent 4 million cosmetic procedures in 2017, but fans know that the Kardashians are among the most infamous patients. Just as it’s impossible to find a Kardashian who hasn’t had work done, it seems that the likelihood of seeing a Kardashian in a healthy, lasting marriage may also be close to nil.

Still, that doesn’t mean Kim and Kanye’s children will come from a broken home. Even through this divorce, the ex-couple is very much in sync when it comes to co-parenting their children. In March 2021, a source told Page Six that Kim leaves the house so that he can come and spend time with the kids. A source also told People that a nanny is present during Kanye’s visits with the kids. However, Kanye also requested that Kim will not be around while he visits the children.

Despite the media outcry, Kim and Kanye have remained relatively silent about their split. It was Kris Jenner who recently said that she thinks it’s always going to be hard for them to go their separate ways when there are many kids to consider. And as of last week, Page Six reported that Kanye is already thinking about his next relationship. A source said that after the divorce, Kanye wants a to be with a creative artist. He wants someone who can speak the same language as he does, per se.

While the future may be unclear for the Kardashian-West family, what’s obvious is that the power couple is no more. Fans will have to wait and see what’s next for Kim and Yeezy as they part ways.

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