Beyonce Among Top 10 Highest Valued Social Media Influencers of 2020 According to D’Marie Analytics

D’Marie Analytics releases Annual Top 10 Highest Valued Social Media Influencers list for 2020


New York, New York: Consumer engagement across social media contributes to record-high valuations in 2020 with the majority of the included sports and entertainment celebrities listed being valued, for the first time ever, above $1 million per post, according to D’Marie Analytics annual top 10 highest valued social media influencer list.

The primarily female-dominated list also includes notable celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. D’Marie Analytics, a Bloomberg Portal style platform for influencer insights, confirms that  COVID accelerated the growing trend of brands tapping influencers and doubled down in 2020 on user-generated content from celebrities and influencers to stabilize sales during this difficult year.

2020 Top10 D'Marie Analytics
2020 Top10 D’Marie Analytics

D’Marie identified global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo as the highest valued Influencer of 2020 valued at $1,557,527.13 per post across his social media portfolio. Ronaldo has the world’s largest audience (459,806,331) from across the three main social networks; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Social Media Influencer list

**Data generated by D’Marie Analytics on December 26th, 2020. at 12:00pmEST**

“Despite being a terrible year for most, this year has proven the value of social media ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ more than ever before,” says D’Marie Analytics’ CEO, Frank Spadafora, “We end this year with the average ad equivalency value of a social influencer increased by 21% after rebounding from an average drop of 37% immediately following the wide-spread impacts of COVID-19 in April and May. Until recently, brands lost the ability to rely on highly produced commercials in 2020 and turned to user generated content created by the most influential names in Hollywood. It was a win-win for both parties involved and we expect to see the trend continue to grow into 2021.”


The Top 10 Influencers posted 7,291 times in 2020. Generating over 16,465,707,779 engagements.

The Top 10 influencers grew their value per post an average of $401,084.83 in 2020.

The Top 10 influencers gained a collective 350,231,970 new followers in 2020.


D’Marie Analytics is a social media influencer analytics platform similar to a Bloomberg Portal, but for influencer insights founded in 2011. D’Marie’s valuation algorithm measures 56 key metrics across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Each metric – including factors such as followers, reach, engagement, click-thru and action conversions – is assigned a value and weighted in an overall algorithm to determine the “ad-equivalent” value of an influencer, brand or organization’s social media portfolio.

source: Jeremy Koch / [email protected]

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