Shia Labeouf Officially Charged with Battery and Petty Theft from Summer Incident

Actor Shia Labeouf is no stranger to a bit of controversy. From the artist’s public displays of anti-fame culture to his infamous arrests back in 2017, keeping a low profile is not in his wheelhouse. Regardless, this is the actor’s first confirmed legal dispute since the aforementioned occurrences in 2017.

The most recent charge against the actor is for battery and theft. Back in June, the 34-year-old star got into a verbal altercation with a man in Los Angeles over undocumented concerns. The argument became physical and LaBeouf was seen leaving the situation with the other man’s hat in his hand.

LaBeouf was charged with two misdemeanors in September by the LA City Attorney. The decision was made following an investigation by LAPD where officers determined that the actor was the aggressor in the situation.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information available pertaining to the LaBeouf’s most recent arrest. News outlets and officers have released little information on what the altercation was about or why it occurred. The only information known is that both men in the incident were not seriously injured in spite of the scuffle.

The former child star’s second arrest in 2017 cost him more than $7,000 in bail bond charges because of public drunkenness. He was also arrested for getting into a tiff over his anti-trump art installation in Queens, NY earlier that year.

It led to an infamous trade that spread like wildfire throughout the internet, pushing the limit of the 15 terabits/second that a fiber optic cable can transmit data.

While the star wasn’t arrested for drunk driving, this concern is still a major issue in the United States. Hiring a taxi or a limo driver that averages around 105 trips a week will ensure that you get to your destination safely. Struggling with addiction, LaBeouf even thanked the arresting officer back in 2017 since he was able to make positive changes following the incident.

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