It’s Time to Upgrade Your Landscape and Become More Energy Efficient

It’s important to look to become much more energy-efficient when it comes to your home, your property, and your lifestyle. Here are some great ways to improve your landscape’s appearance and become more energy efficient:

Start taking better care of your lawn

Approximately 90% of Americans prefer to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns. A nice lawn can truly transform the look and feel of a property.

If you’re neglecting your lawn, you’re going to be coming home to an unattractive home every single day. After a while, that’s really going to wear on you. Start taking more pride in your landscape by taking much better care of your lawn!

Research how to go solar

Solar is becoming much more popular across the U.S. and the world. According to, U.S. solar power installations have grown 35-fold since 2018, totaling an estimated 62.5 gigawatts (GW) today.

Going solar provides clean, renewable energy that will offer all sorts of benefits for your home, your peace of mind, and your wallet! Solar power is a 100% clean form of energy and significantly reduces your reliance on oil, coal, and natural gas for electricity production. Additionally, going solar gives you much more freedom and control over your electricity usage.

Pay attention to where you’re located

Depending on where you physically live, you have certain energy benefits available to you. It’s up to you to take advantage of them, however, so you need to do plenty of research.

Here are some regional strategies for energy-efficient landscaping:

  • The South — Take a look at how the wind actually impacts your home. You can utilize your shrubbery and fences to physically direct the cooling breeze to your property. Similarly, you can plant some large evergreen trees on the southwest side of your property to keep your home much warmer during the colder months. Also, focus on decreasing the humidity inside your home by planting some drought-tolerant plants in your garden.
  • The Northeast — Obviously, you’re going to want to utilize the sun’s natural heat during the winter, so keep this in mind while you’re landscaping. Plant some trees that will offer some shade during the summer, as well. This way, you’ll be able to keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer.
  • The Midwest — Your air conditioner is going to be doing a lot of work during the summer. Plant some trees on the west side of your property and if you can, grow a windbreak of shrubs on the northwest side of your home to reduce heating costs and improve your energy usage. Consider living near turbines, too. Turbines are great for the environment. Steam turbines have been used since the 1880s for electricity production. But wind turbines are much more efficient and actually quite nice to look at.
  • The Northwest — Your best bet is to let the sun work for you during the winter in this region. Don’t plant evergreen trees on the south side of your home because this can lead to all sorts of temperature and energy problems. You’ll want trees that will lose their leaves in the winter since they’ll also give you some nice shade during the summer!
  • The Southwest — Improve your air conditioner’s efficiency by planting some nice shady trees on the side of your home that sees the most sunlight. Also, use some windbreaks to block the wind around your home!
  • The Mountain West — This one is simple: Plant a windbreak on the north side of your home so your furnace isn’t working too much during those sunny winter days.
  • Southern California — Sure, by the California coasts the weather is always nice. But you’re going to want to fight back against those brutal summers by planting some big, shady trees on the southwest side of your property.

Wherever you decide to live, make sure you’re always focusing on improving your energy efficiencies and taking better care of your landscape!

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