Innovative Vegan Dating App Hopes that Young Singles Will Take a Bite

Even social distancers can't resist

Dating apps are all the rage, especially during this period of social distancing. After all the average single can’t simply go to a bar to scout for local singles in their area. Americans typically get about one billion colds each year, but this current strain of coronavirus demands that people stay in their home and “shelter in place” as best they can.

As more people turn to dating apps to fill the void, however, a growing number of singles are taking a second glance at the newest dating site to hit the market: Vegandr.

Vegandr isn’t the first vegan-inspired dating app to hit the market and it certainly won’t be the last. There is already Veggie Connection and Grazer, but these apps have failed to grow big followings in the past outside of bustling city centers where vegans abound. There are also singles meet-ups in various cities curated for vegans in mind along with a slew of other dating options, but vegans have had a tough time connecting with fellow vegans.

After all, the average vegan might be pickier than most when it comes to finding a partner. Veganism is often rooted in deep philosophical beliefs, not just a way to eat healthier. Many adopt a vegan lifestyle because they are an advocate for animal rights while others invest in vegan living because of health reasons. Still more might be environmental conservationists who hope that eating fewer animal products will help stop the damage industrial farming has had on the planet. As many as 800,000 people are already driving electric cars with the same hopes in mind but there are an estimated 1.6 million vegans in the U.S. already leading the charge.

Vegans are still willing to date non-vegans, but this can be a hard pill to swallow if they don’t match up with your beliefs. These differing opinions can do more than just demand two separate plates at dinner. It’s difficult for vegans to eat a kale salad (or even Oreos) while their partner downs a steak with a glass of milk. This niche lifestyle deserves more than a couple of platforms to help vegans connect with one another.

Enter: Vegandr. The site works similarly to popular dating sites already corning the market; you can still swipe on potential matches and the app has broadened its horizons to include friendship and casual dating alike. But the real innovation for the app draws on restaurant-finding capabilities.

It’s impossible to find a good restaurant when you’re hungry, and it’s even harder to ensure that all your options are vegan. If you just moved to a new town or want to try something new, Vegandr allows its members to share vegan-friendly restaurants. When 33% of movers change addresses each year, this will make it so you don’t have to hem and haw over the best options near you.

The app then displays these various restaurants in a type of “news feed” akin to those that you might see on Facebook or Yelp. Users can also keep track of their own preferences in the app, noting options that they have visited or even commented on.

By recommending these vegan-friendly food places, Vegandr might just streamline the meet-up process, encouraging its users to meet up IRL sooner than later. Amidst the “shelter in place” order, this kind of function is great to help identify vegan restaurants that offer take-out, too. Since more people are open to the idea of having a virtual first date over a video call, sharing glances over a vegan dish might just lead to love.

Would you try a vegan-only dating site? Even if this app doesn’t turn out to be the next big thing in dating, it’s encouraging to witness more apps becoming interested in niche lifestyles. Who knows, maybe Tinder will pick up on Vegandr’s innovative food sharing option to encourage IRL meet-ups, too.

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