Top 3 Business Travel Jobs That Pay Well

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*Do you want to travel the world for free? It sounds like a job that very few people would ever get to do or very few businesses would allow but in fact, there are many jobs that allow you to do just that.

From Morocco to the Caribbean, from Russia to Vietnam, there are many more jobs in industries you have probably not even thought of that allow travel for business. 

Here is info all about business travel jobs and corporate travel jobs. 

  1. Business Consultant

The biggest businesses need consultants to tell them how to make a success of their business. If you have run a successful business in the Western world or you know about a specific part of business management such as running a restaurant then your advice can be invaluable.

It can be particularly useful in parts of the world that are still developing such as Africa or Asia. As their economies grow and tourism grows then often rich local businessmen will build or buy resorts and restaurants. But often small islands in the Caribbean like Antigua, an up and coming hiking destination, still need help from time-to-time.

But they lack the knowledge of how to take them to the next level and make some money. Flying out a business consultant from the U.S or Europe to help them might be a great way of getting the business off the ground. 

Often the consultant will be on a contract and will have all of their accommodation and food paid for. 

  1. Construction Manager 

Often new businesses being constructed in the developing world need someone to head up the construction that has the job experience that locals might not. This is one of the best travelling business jobs.

This way they can ensure that nothing goes wrong and the construction lives up to the five star standards that guests expect. 

The manager would manage the team and would be expected to be on-site but they might very well have their accommodation and expenses paid for while they are there. 

  1. Freelance Travel Journalist 

A freelance travel journalist gets to experience life in the big resorts and to partake in all of the entertainment to report on it for their publication. This is one of the ultimate corporate travel jobs. Often their expenses are paid by the tourist board while the magazine or newspaper pays them a salary.

If you make it big you could find yourself wandering through Cambodia and Vietnam like Clarkson, Hammond and May on their Amazon series The Grand Tour. 

A freelance travel journalist might have several publications lined up to make several hundred dollars from one trip. They will no doubt need to declare this income as self-employment and may need to ask for a payslip using a company such as ThePayStubs

Business Travel Jobs: There Are More Than You Think

There are many more business travel jobs that create the opportunity to become a globetrotter than many people first think.

The construction industry presents opportunities to travel if you rise through the ranks to the top and so does the journalism industry. You can often get both a salary and all of your travel expenses paid making it a better deal with many perks than working remotely. 

If you are interested in reading more about business and travel then be sure to check out the rest of our site. 


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