Escape Room Jobs That Are Too Fun to Be True

escape room jobs

*Do you want to work somewhere where every day gives you the chance to unleash your creativity? Or a job where your 9-5 consists of bringing happiness and fun to people’s lives?

Working at an escape room may be the perfect job for you!

It sounds like a dream, right? But what are the chances of you landing a gig like this? In just 5 years the number of escape rooms in the US increased from 22 to 2000—with popularity, there are more jobs on the market.

But what escape room jobs are there to choose from? Read on to solve the case!

  1. Escape Room Game Host

A Game host must operate the game environment and manage the teams. This means answering phone calls and emails when organizing an event. It may also include posting on social media and updating the companies website too.

But it’s not just a customer service role. A host needs to create suspense and excitement when meeting the adventurers. Some companies require hosts to dress up in spooky costumes too.

  1. Adventure Rooms Designer

If you’re imaginative, working in an escape room is a great way to use your creativity.

Escape room designers create live-action mysteries. Teams sealed in a real-life room must solve well-designed clues and puzzles to escape. But not just any old puzzles will do, a designer must keep coming up with fresh ideas.

On top of excitement, the clues can’t be too hard (or too easy). And they need to add some red herrings in there too. Attention to detail is a key element of this role.

  1. Actors Needed

Escape rooms boast an array of themes. Whether it’s a spooky lab, an enchanted forest, an Egyptian tomb, or you’re diffusing a bomb—actors are key in bringing the experience to life. Game-loving enthusiasts will love dressing up as zombies, witches, Mummies, and more.

So if you love dressing up at Halloween, this may be the perfect job for you!

  1. Game Jobs for Artists

If you’ve ever enjoyed an escape room experience, you know that the key to a scary experience is the atmosphere. While the designer comes up with the ideas, an artist needs to bring it to life.

All the backdrops, costumes, and props need making. With authenticity and accuracy, an artist can either make or break the game.

  1. Booming Voiceovers

Whether you’re giving them clues, reminding them of the rules, or giving a countdown message. No escape room would be complete without a mysterious voiceover.

Some companies pre-record their voiceovers. Others prefer the experience to be live. Whichever way they do it, using your voice to create suspense is both fun for you, and for the participants!

Escape Room Jobs for the Houdini Experience

It’s true, these escape room jobs will feel like an adventure every day! So which one will you apply for?

If working in an escape room isn’t the key to a successful career for you, use the Job Search section on this website to find the perfect job.


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