Demi Moore’s Tell-All Book Makes Waves Throughout Hollywood

demi moore bookAlthough star Demi Moore hasn’t necessarily made an appearance in any Hollywood blockbusters as of late, that hasn’t stopped her from becoming the subject of frequent tabloid fodder. There are over 92 million tons of paper produced each year but none are so poignant as Moore’s new tell-all memoir. Now, the actress is certainly making headlines for her bombshell confessions told therein.

Americans read an average of 12 books per year — and those who love to keep up with celebrity gossip might want to add Inside Out to their reading list. In the book, Moore delves into her three marriages, struggles with addiction, and multiple traumatic incidents stemming from childhood.

Moore also goes into detail about her acting career, which brought her incredible success despite all odds; she dropped out of high school to pursue acting and landed a role on a soap opera, even though she had no formal training. Soon after, the actress says, she started abusing alcohol and cocaine in order to cope with the pressure and feelings of imposter syndrome. From there, she was cast in St. Elmo’s Fire and attended rehab prior to filming, at the behest of the film’s producer and director. That short stint provided Moore with the tools she needed to maintain her sobriety for almost 20 years — during which time she became the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. She married and had three children with action star Bruce Willis during this period, as well. Although the couple eventually divorced in 2000 — thus being one of the the some-odd 827,000 divorces that happen each year — Willis and Moore managed to stay connected and have a truly amicable separation.

The same cannot necessarily be said for Moore’s next marriage, however. Soon after she met her third husband, Ashton Kutcher, Moore alleges that her sobriety went out the window. Moore claims that during a romantic vacation, Kutcher (who is 15 years her junior) expressed that he didn’t feel alcoholism was real — an utterance that prompted Moore to start drinking again. After suffering a miscarriage early on in their relationship, Moore’s alcohol abuse worsened once again. She later started using Vicodin and began partying with her daughter, Rumer Willis, which resulted in a near-fatal experience for Moore.

The actress also alleges that Kutcher was unfaithful — and since the couple divorced in 2013 following a major cheating scandal, the allegations seem credible. Despite the fact that women file for two-thirds of divorces, Kutcher was the one to file for divorce from Moore after their split. The actor went on to marry and have children with former co-star Mila Kunis. The couple coincidentally planned a family trip to Disneyland during the same time the details of Moore’s memoir were being released.

Nowadays, Moore has chosen to live a far quieter life. She’s not dating anyone by choice, she says, and lives with her seven rescue dogs. But given all the excitement associated with her book, which is now in stores, it seems she’s at least determined to have the last word.

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