7 Awesome Employee Time Tracking Apps for Small Businesses

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The modern times that you live in are fitting in nicely with the way the business world is moving.

Simply put: as more and more businesses outsource and have employees working outside of the workplace, technology is allowing those businesses to keep track of their work.

One of the best and most efficient ways to do that is through mobile time tracking, which helps the workers increase their output while being afforded the luxury of time outside the office.

Who doesn’t appreciate a few more work hours in the fresh air?

Here are the best employee time tracking apps and why you should consider them for your small business.

  1. Timely

This app helps employees keep track of their workdays in a “timely” manner. Bad jokes aside, it grants access from any device your employees have and lets you track their efficiency from client-to-client.

Employees can incorporate their calendar into the app and make it easy for the company to understand what their level of production is from day to day or even hour to hour.

Small businesses are given the luxury of putting a name to every dollar they place towards the employee’s pay.

That can offer peace-of-mind that the worker is actually doing their job outside of the office walls.

  1. Hubstaff

Do you have a company in an industry that relies heavily on workers to go from location-to-location at the exact time they’re supposed to be there?

Hubstaff can offer a GPS tracking mobile clock so employers know exactly where the employee was when they clocked in.

This app also offers billing and invoices to be automated to cut down the time needed for on-site business. That way, everything can be wrapped up as your employee bounces from job to job.

It’s both iPhone and Android compatible and can hook up to your desktop as well.

  1. Toggl

This may be the most well-known time tracking app for businesses, and for good reason. 

It offers many benefits to small businesses such as tracking reports and analysis breakdown. Now you can know exactly how you’re spending your time and search for ways to use your days more efficiently.

It’s compatible with almost any device and uses those devices to offer the most thorough reports for every hour/minute that you’re working.

While it’s a bit more costly than most ($18/month per user) you’re reaping the benefits of trustworthy data and reports to make your company’s work habits more efficient.

  1. Harvest

Harvest offers much of the same qualities as Toggle for a lesser price ($12/month per user).

You can keep track of how much time you and your employees spend at each site through the comprehensive reports it provides.

You’re also able to track expenses and costs by taking pictures of receipts as well as using the data from the reports to appropriately bill your clients. Now you can have an in-depth look at the man-hours used to your company’s day to day operations.

  1. Hours

Perhaps you’re reading this article and thinking all of these extra features sound nice, but I just want a simple app for my employees to clock in and out.

If that’s you, then Hours is most likely the app you’re looking for. It’s very cost-efficient at $8/month per user and creates a simple way for your employees to keep track of their time.

You as the supervisor can get feedback on the employee’s productivity in an aesthetically-pleasing layout.

For those companies trying to cut out the hoopla and send a clear message to their employees about time efficiency, Hours is the app for you!

If you’re looking for other means of simplified, yet streamlined, employee time tracking then read more about how Time Clock Wizard can help.

  1. TSheets

Maybe you’re more of the analytical type that can’t get enough of data and reports.

TSheets fills that need for you buy giving you copious mobile timesheets to oversee distribution, consulting, construction, sales reps, etc.

It’s many feedback platforms such as job pricing, time tracking, and invoicing that will help you get a firm grasp of how your employees are using their time and the avenues to make them more efficient.

The proof is in the pudding, and TSheets gives you all the proof you need at $5/month per user with a $100 start-out fee.

  1. Eternity

Unfortunately for the business world, you don’t have an eternity to finish jobs. If you did, there wouldn’t be such a premium placed on time-efficiency.

However, you do have an Eternity app that can give you an all-encompassing understanding of how your employees are breaking up their day. 

This app takes an individualistic approach by encouraging users to segment their day and put a task in hard-ink on different time blocks.

Contrary to almost all the other apps on this list, Eternity is free to start and offers add-ons in the app should you be interested in using it further.

Use Employee Time Tracking Apps to Maximize Your Resources

There you have it, 7 employee time tracking apps that can help you optimize your employee’s output on your company’s operations.

This will help keep you and your employees on the right track to improving timely service and customer satisfaction.

Be sure to check back with Loomio frequently for new information and ways to maximize your business’s time and efforts.

Best of luck with your new ways of time organization. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight, you’ll start to notice the results more and more as time goes on!


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