The Key to Happiness? Experts Say No Husband, No Kids

If you’re feeling rushed to get into a relationship, hold your horses (and maybe buy one of your own) — according to experts, single women with no kids are actually the happiest population group.

According to Professor Paul Dolan of the London School of Economics, women who have never married and don’t have kids are among the happiest population subgroups.

Though Dolan claims that married people are typically happier compared to other subgroups in his study, this only applies “when their spouse is in the room when they’re asked how happy they are.”

“When the spouse is not present: f?ing miserable,” he explains. “The healthiest and happiest population subgroup are women who never married or had children.”

This revelation came after the release of Dolan’s recent book Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myths of the Perfect Life where numerous studies and data analyses of different groups showed that happiness levels were highest among single, childless women.

This is a complete 180 from what we’re traditionally led to believe; that a woman will feel more complete with a man by her side and a child in her arms. But while many women might fear that they’ll never find “the one,” this might be better for her happiness — and her health.

Married women, on the other hand, experience a higher propensity toward mental illness, physical ailments, and early death than single women, especially if they marry men. In fact, it’s estimated that 59% of chronic pain sufferers claim that their ailment has a major impact on their overall enjoyment of life.

Married women also report higher levels of misery when their spouse isn’t in the room. According to Dolan, this is because men typically calm down after marriage, taking fewer risks and earning more money.

When all is said and done, married men often live longer than their wife.

Relationships are inherently about supporting another person. A recent op-ed piece from The Independent summarizes the strain a relationship can put on the individual succinctly:

“When it comes to organizing schedules, dividing housework and ensuring that partnerships and families run smoothly, women are taking on the burden of responsibility and it?s smothering them,” explains writer Harriet Minter.

But it isn’t just the pressure within the relationship that puts a strain on a mother and wife; Minter also notes that almost 75% of working moms have experienced discrimination in the workplace. It’s estimated that 30% of discrimination cases that make it to trial are classified as sexual discrimination cases. While insurance premiums are 100% tax-deductible when a woman is self-employed, this isn’t always achievable for most. 

For women who never want to have kids with their spouse, the couple might talk about having a vasectomy procedure performed. Studies have shown that this procedure is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. But this doesn’t stop the stress that single women face on a daily basis to find a husband and settle down.

But even if the social stigma surrounding marital status persists, Dolan still claims that single women without children are happier in the long run. They may even feel more empowered to invest in cosmetic procedures like a nose job. The healing process only takes three to six weeks, after all.

“‘Maybe one day you?ll meet the right guy and that’ll change.’ No, maybe she’ll meet the wrong guy and that’ll change,” Dolan scoffs. “Maybe she’ll meet a guy who makes her less happy and healthy, and die sooner.”

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