Mel B Gets Emergency Surgery After Serious Hand Injury

Melanie Brown (Mel B), best known for her roles as a Spice Girl and current judge for America’s Got Talent, recently underwent emergency surgery following a serious fall down a flight of stairs.

The performer was in surgery for three hours in order to repair a severed right hand after falling in a friend’s home on December 8. She also suffered two broken ribs and is currently recovering in her home.

“Thankyou to all the wonderful nurses dr?s and my amazing surgeon for the care and expertise given to me here at the hospital I?ve been staying at,” Brown typed on her Instagram post, where she showed off her sling. “Suffering 2 broken ribs a severed right hand needing emergancy [sic] care,to having had to have over a 3 hr surgery to repair the damage hence the purple sling,I?ve had to unfortunately cancel my book signing today in NY,I appolagise [sic] to each and everyone one of you who bought there tickets to meet me today.”

As a result of her tumble down the stairs, the singer had to cancel a scheduled appearance in New York City to commemorate the launch of her new memoir “Brutally Honest” much to the disappointment of fans. Unfortunately, this isn’t the worst of it.

More than one million Americans are injured on stairs each year, but some people believe the accident was a result of Mel B’s past substance abuse that has embroiled her in a custody battle with her former husband, Stephen Belafonte. Belafonte claims that Brown’s substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol, made her a danger to their children.

However, Brown disputed this claim with a clean drug test on December 6. Starting back in September, she had agreed to receive randomized, periodic drug testing in order to help her defense in the custody battle.

Her last drug test happened just a day before the fall, an eight-hour, 10-panel test from L.A. drug center. “She?s passed 14, 15 tests already; all of this because of lies he?s told the courts. She was coming back the next day to do the drug test [before heading to the] book signing in New York,” friend Gary Madatyan claims.

“She was upstairs and the room was dark,” he continues. “Everyone knows one of her eyes does not see 100 percent.”

Let’s just hope Brown doesn’t sue Madatyan over his narrow staircase. Though homeowners insurance can protect you against disasters, a slip and fall injury on another person’s property can make the host responsible for the injuries incurred.

Brown was visited in the hospital by the other three Spice Girls — minus Victoria Beckham — who she will be touring with next year.

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