Calling Fowl On Five Geese Who’ve Terrorized An Australian Family’s Farm

Nature is a beautiful, powerful thing. The scale at which nature exists, from the smallest cells to the highest peaks, we live among things that deserve a fair amount of awe. Hardwood trees take twenty or more years to fully mature, then continue to spread to the sky for hundreds of years after. Animals come in more shapes and sizes than we can fathom, yet more are discovered and born daily.

One nature loving Australian woman named Leslie Du Preez lives on her farm in rural Queensland, Australia. She found that some animals, though cute, lack manners and generally agreeable demeanors. Unfortunately for her, she found this out after adopting five geese and bringing them to her farm.

It was shortly after she welcomed them to her home that they became, shall we say, unruly. At first, she let them get acquainted with the farm and the other animals roaming around. That’s when the chaos began.

“They terrorized our poor sheep, they made little kids cry. The roosters got pecked and the peacock’s tail feathers got pulled out by them. There was no peaceful free-ranging and having a good time. It was mayhem,” she reported.

The tranquility of her farm had been torn asunder by the honking and pecking bills of these geese. She knew it was time to find them a new home. So, she set to making a Facebook post to sell these geese but filled it half-serious, half-tongue-in-cheek witticisms that come to be expected of Aussie banter and the post went viral.

She calls two of the five geese “arseholes” and jests about them tearing tires off moving cars, making grown men scream, and emotionally scarring young children.

“Don’t be fooled by their cute little beady eyes. They stare deep into your soul and know all your fears…Asking $50 and a bottle of scotch for recovery purposes,” she added at the end of the post.

The post went viral around Australia and fortunately for her, her farm, and the irritable geese, they’ve been relocated to another farm where they appear to be completely fine and are peacefully enjoying life. Du Preez said with jesting ire that they had betrayed her. In the end, she’s happy they have a new home and was glad the story of her farm and the arsehole geese caused some smiles around the world.

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