Man Who Brought Live Snake to Waffle House Tells His Side of the Story – WATCH

'Most of the people be like can I rub him, do he bite, do he have teeth?'

*Earlier we told you about a man in Mississippi who made the unwise decision to bring his live snake into a Waffle House restaurant and the chaos that ensued. As you can imagine, video of the incident has gone viral.

Now, the McComb, MS resident (Gary Lewis) is speaking out and venting his frustration about the situation

?Most of the people think it?s kinda crazy for a guy to be having a live snake around his neck,? he said as he wrapped it around his neck.

Lewis says he takes his pet snake named LB everywhere and has never had a problem.

?This was the worse I have seen right here,” said Lewis. “Normally when I walk in a public place or something, you might have one or two people like, oh he got a snake, but never had any kinda reaction like this.?

Lewis claims the attention he gets is always mostly positive.

?Most of the people be like can I rub him, do he bite, do he have teeth?,? he said as onlookers watched.

But that wasn’t the kind of attention he got at the Waffle House on Delaware Street in McComb, reports WLBT-TV.

As soon as he walked in he says, he was confronted by a security guard.

?And he was like I?m telling you that you can?t be in here with that snake and if you don?t get out of here I?m gonna just let the law handle it and they just left. I said ok well let the law handle it then,? Lewis said.

In the video the guard approaches Lewis, who is in the white tank top.

That?s when the conversation turned ugly.

?Then we went back and forth, he cussed me out, I cuss him out,? he admitted.

The situation escalated, and the security guard pulled his gun.

?Now, the restaurant is full of people,? he continued.

When patrons saw the gun, they took off running.

The argument continued for the majority of the two-minute video until Lewis was eventually escorted out of the restaurant.

But things didn’t stop there.

?When I make it outside, he running to me. Throwing a wild bunch of punches, hit me probably ten times until I realized the police weren?t going to help, Lewis said. “So, I punched him back.?

Officers with the McComb police department were able to separate the two.

Written statements were taken and both parties chose not to press charges.

But will he continue to parade around town with his slithering buddy? That’s what inquiring minds want to know.

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