Peculiar Cat Finds Forever Home That’s Down With The Thiccness

The internet is amazing. We wouldn’t write on the internet if it wasn’t. Sometimes getting your content out there takes some serious marketing hustle and only around 58% of marketing professionals claim to be successful in achieving their marketing goals.

This animal shelter, however, crushed it. Wright-Way Rescue had a cat up for adoption. His name is Bruno. He’s not a regular cat, he’s a cool cat. By cool cat, we mean he’s very particular about his existence. Weighing 25 pounds and habitually standing on his hind legs while quizzically staring at everything sassily, he is a very peculiar boy. He refuses to eat his food without being petted. He will not eat his food if his water bowl is visible. He will only deign to play with one toy, his feather wand. Oh, and don’t you dare touch his belly.

?Bruno was surrendered to Wright-Way from his previous owner in Southern Illinois. They had him since he was a kitten, but sadly he didn?t mesh very well with the kids in the home. It was a very hard decision for them since he is such a special cat,” said the marketing director for Wright-Way.

So there he was but wasn’t getting adopted for his litany of specificities, so the shelter went to social media.

?Our thicc boi Bruno is now reviewing applications for the *PERFECT* home. The more EXTRA, the better,? Wright-Way posted on Facebook.

It went viral and the applications flooded in. And they were mightily extra. From the masses, a woman named Lauren Paris out-extra-ed the pool of applicants. She sent letters of recommendation, a home tour video, and wrote and performed her own original song for the cat. She lives for the applause. Girl, you’re doing amazing.

Paris and Bruno are now together. Extra human and extra cat have forever homes together, basking in their collective glory. Bruno, of course, has his own Instagram, so you can follow his exploits.

It’s such a heartwarmingly weird story that speaks to the effect of social media just doing the thing, and doing it well. We wish Bruno and Lauren all the happiness and we can muster, plus a little extra.

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