Who’s Top Dog Now? Pups Compete In Annual Surfing Competition

California rang in the first weekend of August with its annual surfing competition. Seems pretty standard for a location known as the Golden State. The twist? This event was for dogs only.

The third annual World Dog Surfing Championships were held on August 4, much to the delight of dog lovers across the globe. The 45 canines sported dashing wetsuits as they rode the waves for a chance to win the gold medal.

There were three main categories in which the dogs could compete: surfing alone, surfing with another dog, or surfing with their owner. From there, it’s broken down by size and special achievements.

The event brought in thousands of spectators and even more viewing online. The event gave a portion of the proceeds to two different charities that support animals.

Don’t expect your dog to be a champ, however. Many of the dogs in the competition are seasoned veterans ready to show their stuff.

Dog and surf lovers may think their dog is ready to take on the new product designed by Tesla: the carbon fiber surfboard. Unfortunately, the $1,500 board sold out in less than a day, leaving thousands itching for further development.

The carbon fiber board, however, may not work, according to experienced surfers. Despite the benefits of carbon fiber, surfers have analyzed the board and doubt its application on the water.

Redditors had a field day tearing the board apart. Carbon fiber technology offers around 10 times the strength of regular steel at only half the weight, making it a popular product to use in prototyping. However, Tesla’s hopes for the board have come crashing down due to a few faulty design options.

Redditors pointed out that the board is simply too thick and wide to handle big waves. On top of that, Tesla opted for a black bottom, which makes it incredibly hot under the sun.

Even though the boards sold out within the first 24 hours, experienced surfers are unlikely to buy into the marketing gimmick. A regular board was good enough for dogs, after all.

If all this talk about surfing makes you want to take your boat or board on the water, you’ll have to be careful this weekend, however. California may be the Golden State, but their waves can get pretty dicey. High levels of surf are expected to rise in early August, making conditions potentially dangerous for swimming. This means the many people who have bought marine gear might have to sit out for a couple weeks.

The annual sales of boats and other marine products have risen in the last few years; from 2016 to 2018, sales increased by 3% and this shows no sign of slowing down, especially with advents like Tesla’s carbon fiber board.

Whether you’re surfing on your own or with your pup, practice precaution in August to prevent injury or accidental drowning.

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