The Internet Has Decided: SC Dentist Wins ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge Video

“I never wanted a cavity so bad,” said one person on Facebook. Is this person a masochist? Did they make a bet about whether or not they’ll get a cavity by a certain time? Does this person actually like cavities? No. This person, along with millions of others, simply wants to schedule an appointment with the Internet’s favorite new dentist.

There have been millions of videos shared online featuring Drake’s new “In My Feelings” challenge but it seems like the Internet has found a winner. According to Greenville News, Dr. Rich Constantine uploaded his version of the dance in the hall of his practice. In just four short days, Dr. Constantine’s video had attracted more than 47 million views, 594,000 shares, and 179,000 comments.

His dance moves, however, were subpar at best. So why has this particular version garnered so much attention? Well, for one: Dr. Constantine is a doctor. But the main reason is that he is objectively gorgeous.

At least one in five Americans currently has one or more untreated cavities, but after Dr. Constantine’s video, a lot more people are hoping for similar dental issues just to schedule a visit at Constantine Dental in Greenville.

Here are some other popular Facebook comments from hopeful future patients:

“I have 12 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled, and I think my baby teeth are trying to come back… I just need an appointment immediately, yesterday, right now!”

“I just ordered a pound of gummy bears and washing it down with fruit punch. Cavity watch 2018!”

It’s important to note that Dr. Constantine has been happily married for 13 years. The real reason Dr. Constantine uploaded the video was that he wanted to showcase his ability to be silly and prove that not all dentists are scary.

“We get that people don’t always like going to the dentist,” added Constantine. “That’s why we do fun things like this to make us seem more approachable so that people will feel that they’re cared for and attended to.”

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