More Couples Opting For Unique Wedding Themes and Unconventional Food in 2018

Summer is known for weddings, but two couples took it a step further this year; instead of opting for a usual color theme, the pairs decided to stylize their wedding based on some of the most popular movies of the late 20th century: “Harry Potter” and “Jurassic Park.”

Couples across the United States have frequently opted for unique wedding ideas to showcase their love in a special way. While some rules apply to all weddings — after all, a suit jacket or tux should reveal about two centimeters of the shirt — couples who want to add a little flair to their special day have begun to rely more and more on pop culture to carry the brunt of the work.

The two aforementioned movies, in particular, have recently re-entered the spotlight thanks to the “Jurassic Park” sequels and the newest member of the “Harry Potter” franchise, Newt Scamander, in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” The gap of time between these sequels within the franchises have allowed relationships to blossom and grow in the perfect amount of time. Their current relevance makes them a fun theme for everyone on their guest lists.

But these movies held a special place in the heart of one couple. Courtney and Billy McMillion held a “Jurassic Park” themed wedding since the couple initially bonded over the film when they first got together. Billy even proposed with the ring hidden in a Barbasol can, akin to the object featured in the first film.

On July 7, the couple was married. They included “Jurassic Park” IDs for the guests, decorated the tables with small golden dinosaurs, and even played the movie’s theme song when they walked down the aisle.

Another couple stylized a wedding shoot to the theme of “Harry Potter,” right down to the groom’s circular glasses. Though it’s unknown if this shoot was just for the homage, or if it was for an actual wedding that took place, there’s no denying that the couple looked radiant among owl decorations, a marauder’s cake, and a feast worthy of a Hogwarts dinner.

It seems that more and more couples are trying to make their wedding stand out among the rest. With an eye for the creative, some couples might be able to save a few dollars, however, it’s reported that most honeymoons cost around $4,000 or around 11% to 14% of the wedding’s final cost. This means that some weddings can cost nearly $30,000!

Creativity can come with a hefty price tag. But as couples work to create their dream day, some weddings have received backlash for their creativity.

Many couples have began opting for alternative wedding cakes over the past few years. Instead of choosing between the classic chocolate or vanilla cake, some couples have chosen pancake wedding cakes, wedding cakes made from cheese, and sometimes parfait wedding cakes.

Even though your day should be all about you, choosing options that will appeal to your many guests is a safe bet. Weddings rely on traditional classics to organize the night into neat little chunks. Ceremony, then dinner, then cake. The theme can be up to you, but one writer from delish bites back against non-traditional wedding cakes.

Writer Tess Koman surmises her point succinctly in the throes of hatred toward alternative cakes.

“When it comes to your dress and your ceremony and your hair and your makeup, you need to do whatever is most special and comfortable for you. But when it comes to decisions that are going to affect how everyone else experiences the evening, a little bit of selflessness goes a long way,” she notes.

As more and more people yearn to create a memorable wedding, perhaps sticking to a fun theme is the way to go.

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