Ice Cream, Cereal, and Baseball: It Doesn’t Get Any More American Than That

Baseball and ice cream go together like, well, baseball and ice cream… 

Across the country, kids and adults alike enjoy a delicious frozen treat during nine wonderful innings of baseball. When you think about young up-and-coming MLB prospects, however, you don’t necessarily think about those athletes indulging in “unhealthy” treats like ice cream and other snacks. But that’s not the case with one Texas Rangers prospect.

According to Seacoast Online, Kobie Taylor, a 19-year-old Portsmouth High School graduate and left fielder with the Arizona Rookie League affiliate of the Texas Rangers, hopes to focus on improving his skills this summer, as well as enjoy some delicious and creative ice cream flavors.

A new shop opened up close to Taylor and his mother, Carly. Cream ‘n Crunch serves one of the most unique styles of ice cream around: ice cream mixed with cereal toppings.

“One of my friends showed me a company that did that but only had a couple flavors,” Taylor said. “I had some and said, ‘This is going to kill it on the Seacoast.'”

When given a chance, consumers will choose soft serve ice cream seven out of 10 times over hard ice cream. Cream ‘n Crunch offers soft serve mixes with 20 different kinds of cereal topping options — everything from Apple Jacks to Trix.

Taylor was drafted in the 15th round in 2016, playing 34 games with Class A Spokane as an 18-year-old, batting .214. Now, he’s trying to improve his skills on the diamond and grow as a player.

“It’s going good,” he added. “It’s hot out here but I’m happy with how everything is going.”

Perhaps a little ice cream and Lucky Charms can help with the heat?

Additionally, ice cream is a big part of Major League Baseball as well. According to WTMJ, the Milwaukee Brewers are offering their fans free tickets and ice cream breakfast as a thank you for voting Jesus Aguilar into the 2018 MLB All-Star game.

During All-Star voting, the Brewers invited fans to come to Miller Park’s Hot Corner early in the morning for some ice cream to start their day. Each fan received two tickets to their July 24th game against the Washington Nationals.

Though Aguilar deserved to be in the All-Star game, the Brewers certainly busted out all the stops to encourage their fanbase to get him in. In addition to offering free tickets and ice cream, the team used doughnuts to entice votes for their star first baseman and they even had a priest and a rabbi voice to vote for him as well.

Aguilar is currently leading the National League in home runs with 25, has 71 runs batted in, and is batting .297 on the year. The Brewers are three games back in the NL Central and are looking to snap a seven-game losing streak. Again, perhaps a little ice cream can help.

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