Overly-Confident England Fans Prematurely Celebrated a World Cup Victory With Tattoos

A major topic of discussion lately has been the World Cup. Since 1863, people have been enjoying the game of soccer, or football. But quite a few fans made a choice that might have made them enjoy this year’s World Cup a little less.

Although all of the games were full of amazingly talented players, France emerged victorious at the end of this year’s tournament. But before the few final games, a few England fans were so certain that their team would win that they got tattoos, permanently putting false information on their bodies.

Whether it was a favorite player or a picture of three lions, several England fans got tattoos deeming England the “World Cup Winners” of 2018. Unfortunately for those fans, their hopes and dreams didn’t become reality.

While some tattoos are small and easily hidden, others are not. One England fan named Teddy Allen got a tattoo that not only claimed that England was the winner of the 2018 World Cup, but it also featured the face of the team captain, Harry Kane. After four hours in the chair, Allen has a tattoo that he may come to regret.

When asked about his choice of ink, Allen said, ?It was an impulsive decision but I will stand by it.?

And Allen wasn’t the only one proudly showing off his new tattoo before England ultimately lost against Croatia. Social media has been full of proud England fans showing their tattoos and undying support for their team.

Tattoos are certainly nothing new in today’s society, with about 14% of Americans sporting at least one tattoo. And tattoos can range in sizes, styles, and design — including designs commemorating almost World Cup winners. Fortunately, if these fans decide the permanent false hope is too much to bear, they can get their tattoos removed or covered up if they choose to do so.

So while England wasn’t victorious this year, these fans will always hold a special place in their hearts, and on their bodies, for their favorite team.

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