Twittersphere Explodes in Argument Over Correct Way to Make a PB and J

In the digital age, social media has a notable impact on the way we live our lives. After all, “Instagram Influencer” is actually a job title now. Not surprisingly, 23% of Millennials say social media has a significant influence on their choice of travel destination. These posts can also determine what we wear, what products we buy, and even what food we eat — or in some cases, how we eat it.

Apparently, social media users can’t even agree on how to assemble the most basic (and arguably the most classic) sandwich of them all. A recent discussion point put forth by Twitter user @LexOnTheBeach26 asked: “What is the proper way to make a PB and J? [Retweet] for: bread then peanut butter, jelly on top [of] peanut butter then bread; Like for: bread then peanut butter, jelly on other piece of bread and place together.”

The reactions were nothing short of explosive. One user went so far as to say that “whoever puts jelly on top of the peanutbutter [sic] spread is a psychopath,” while others shared their innovative spins on PB and J assembly. As one commenter suggested, “Take both slices and cover them in peanut butter THENNN out jelly on top of the peanut butter on both halves.” Another mentioned that they make the sandwich by actually mixing the peanut butter and jelly together in a bowl before spreading on the bread halves.

While that might seem rather ingenious to some, most Twitter users stood in agreement: that the best way to make a PB and J is to spread peanut butter on one slice of bread, spread jelly on the other, and then combine them. That conclusion is drawn from the fact that the initial tweet garnered over 224,000 likes but only 8,500 retweets. It seems that the realm of Twitter are fans of the sandwich in general — which is no surprise, considering its iconic status and the fact that a mere one-ounce serving of peanuts provides seven grams of protein power. And though users may not be able to agree on what type of jelly to use or where on the bread to spread it, one thing’s for sure: this sandwich staple will likely continue to delight hungry individuals for many years to come.

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