On ‘The Real’: Is Emotional Cheating a Problem? + Tamera?s Friend Zone Tips

the real crew - 01-09-18

*Today, Friday, June 8, the ladies of The Real celebrate Fri-Yay! They also discuss whether you should change your name for a job opportunity.

Plus, is emotional cheating really cheating if there is no intimacy involved? The hosts agree that having feelings for someone can only lead to being physical.

Later the women wonder how much money they would let come between a friendship. And co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley shares tips on how to put someone back in the friend zone.

the real crew - 01-10-18

Is Emotional Cheating a Problem?

Tamera?s Friend Zone Tips

Is Emotional Cheating a Problem?

 Adrienne Houghton: But the moment that a man is emotionally cheating, meaning that he?s talking to this person, he?s spending time with them ? that?s? that?s a problem.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yeah.

Adrienne: I?m? I?m telling you from personal experience. I have guy friends that have cheated on their girls a bunch of times, with a bunch of women, never thought a thing about it ? and then, met someone that they actually had an emotional connection with and that made them change their entire lives.

Tamera: Well, I think it?s dangerous because in the beginning they just think, ?Oh, it?s just emotional.? But the reality is?

Adrienne: It?s worse?

Tamera: It?s worse, because you start out being emotional and that can only lead to physical?.

Jeannie: Mai: Physical?

Loni Love: What? I?m trying ? I?m understanding? what is the emotional part? Is it that they?re sharing something… explain it to me.

Adrienne: Talking on the phones for hours?

[The Real audience laughs]

Adrienne: Talking about the things that you feel you can?t speak to your woman or your wife about?

Tamera: To your? another?.

Jeannie: It?s a connecting on a deeper level?

Tamera: On an emotional level.

Jeannie: Right, that when you get those butterflies in your stomach when you?re talking to somebody or when you start to?

Adrienne: Which long term just make the sex so bomb.

Jeannie: Yes, but that?s because?

Tamera: And that?s how women get connected first. If we?re honest, that?s how women get connected first ? emotionally.

Adrienne: If we gon? keep it real.

Jeannie: I always said? of course. With women ? [Looks into camera] men, just letting you know PSA ?  you gonna make love to our minds before you make love to our bodies.

Tamera: Yep, yep.

[The Real audience applauds]


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