On ‘The Real’: Tamera Wanted a Mini Her + Loni Gets a Surprise Visit?

the real crew - 01-08-18

*On Monday, June 4, the hosts of The Real talk about the kind of things that make their skin crawl. Plus, would it bother you if someone said your child looked more like their father? Co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley reveals she prayed for a mini her. The ladies also discuss who would be their life partner in a marriage pact, and Loni Love makes a surprising reveal about hers.

Later, actress Logan Browning visits to talk about her show, Dear White People. Also in a heartfelt confession, she reveals her biggest insecurity and encourages viewers to love their flaws.

logan browning & the real crew (06-04-18)

Tamera Wanted a Mini Her

Loni Gets a Surprise Visit?

Logan Browning Talks Loving Your Flaws

Logan Browning Talks Loving Your Flaws

Loni Love: They say that you used to be afraid to show your belly button, why?

[Logan Browning laughs]

Adrienne Houghton: What?

Logan Browning: Okay, okay. So yeah, there?s a story there. Um? I? I actually, I have a hernia. My belly button is technically a hernia.

Jeannie Mai: Okay.

Logan: And when I was a little girl, my parents took me to the doctor and they were like, ?She?s fine, there?s nothing wrong with her.?

Loni: Right.

Logan: But growing up, it?s a? it?s an outer belly button, and I was self-conscious about it. [Graphic of Logan Browning showing her belly button appears on screen] And so ? I remember when I auditioned for Hit The Floor?

Loni: Uh-huh.

Logan: Which is basketball dancers, and they wore crop tops.

Loni: Right.

Logan: And so on my very last audition, I was like, [Sighs deeply] ?You know what, I got to let them see what they?re working with. I got to wear this? I got to wear a crop top.?

Loni: Right.

Logan: And when I booked it, I felt like they booked me and my belly button.

[The Real hosts laugh]

[The Real audience applaud]

Adrienne: See, see!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: They did!

Jeannie: See, it?s adorable ? it?s actually adorable.

Adrienne: Sometimes, we think that we don?t love?

Jeannie: Yeah.

Tamera: Yeah.

Loni: Girl?

Adrienne: But we would never look at that and be like, ?That?s a?? You look amazing, come through abs.

Logan: Thank you. Okay now?

Tamera: Yeah.

Loni: You do look good.

Logan: But you know, whenever you have something that you consider a flaw ? it?s something that you carry with you, in your spirit. And even when someone doesn?t say it to you, you see their eyes and you feel the stares. And it makes you self-conscious.

Tamera: Yeah.

Jeannie: Yeah.

Logan: I remember our editor had a daughter. And she was hanging out in the editing room and she saw me on the screen and she was like, she?s like, ?Dad, dad? her belly button is like mine.?

Loni: Wow.

Logan: And so, he?s like, ?She?s been really self-conscious about it.? So I?m just so happy that?

Loni: See.

Logan: She has that now, to look ? I didn?t see anyone?s belly buttons that looked like mine.

Jeannie: Yeah.

Logan: So I?m like, ?I?m different, I?m weird.? But no, it?s fine. It?s your body.

Adrienne: That?s so awesome.

Loni: Awesome, awesome.

[The Real audience applauds]


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