Mystery Solved! Passenger Videotapes Honolulu Airport Worker Throwing Luggage Down Chute (Watch)

*No, an airline worker mishandling our luggage is not a good look for any airline. Especially since we have to pay for the privilege of taking our luggage on the plane with us.

Yes. I’m being facetious.

But one baggage handler at the Honolulu Airport clearly doesn’t like her job; and secondly, doesn’t give a damn about your luggage.

Fox News reports traveler Vanessa Marsh spotted a female staffer throwing hefty suitcases down a metal chute onto a plane bound for Phoenix, and posted a 30-second video clip of the scene to the social network on May 9. Scroll down to see the clip.

In her tweet, Marsh wrote:

The mystery of all my broken suitcases is solved – this is the ground crew at Honolulu loading up a @HawaiianAir flight to Phoenix. ????????????

OahuShoots commented: ?And we paid $25 for each of those bags just to be thrown like that???? While another called the act  ?disconcerting.?

Still, as is the case with everything, there were those who seemed rather nonchalant about it.

Chacha wrote:

Yall really surprised about this…. EVERY SINGLE airline does this not just Hawaiian air. Try working down there under those conditions and you?ll see lol this is not even bad compared to what I?ve seen

?Yea I?m a ramp agent myself. It?s never anyone?s intentions to damage a bag. She could?ve cared more regardless of how short of time there might?ve been. Who knows she probably didnt have an opening big enough in that rail to throw bags down like other airports do,? another agreed.
Hawaiian Airlines wasted no time addressing the issue, apparently after seeing Marsh’s tweet and video.
?Aloha Vanessa, we’re very sorry to see this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention,? the carrier tweeted from their official account. ?The way these bags were handled is not acceptable and our Airport Operations Management team is addressing this situation. Thank you.?
Boy what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall when she’s confronted.
Take a look at the video below.


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