Middle School Teacher Gets Suspended With Pay After He Allegedly Grabs Student and Calls Him the N-Word

*A teacher at MacWilliams Middle School in Fayetteville has been suspended (with pay) after a parent said he grabbed her son, a 7th grader, by the arm, threw accusations at him, and called him the N-word. The parent went to the school board to issue a complaint before calling ABC11 to give details of the incident.

ABC correspondent Morgan Norwood spoke to the parent who wanted her face to remain anonymous, but have her words be heard loud and clear.

“From my understanding he walked up to my son, grabbed him by his arm and told him he wanted to ‘Smash his head into a brick,’ said the mother calmly, but with a clear undercut of emotion in her voice. She continues, “…and called him the N-word. He told him that ‘It’s people like him that kept him from doing his job.'”

The mother said she knows her son was traumatized by the incident.

“He came home and went to sleep that day. He didn’t do anything; didn’t play outside, or with his video games. I’m pretty sure it affected him in some way. This is something that will stick with him for the rest of his life,” she says.

This kind of treatment of our Black children is being called out more and more. And a school is only as good as the teachers it employs. But even with that said, it would be unfair to judge an entire school by one a-hole of a teacher.

I hate the fact that the teacher, whose race is never actually mentioned, but is presumably non-Black, is suspend with pay. But this is what goes along with the “allegedly” term, at least while the investigation aka interview with him takes place.

Oh, to be a fly on THAT wall!

Watch the ABC11 interview with the child’s mother here



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