And She’s Out: White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Folks at BBQ Has Been ID’d

Aww…ain’t she sweet? NOT!

*Let’s just cut to the chase and call her the Black BBQ Stalker! Maybe she thought no one would recognize her if she kept her shades on. Or better yet, maybe she didn’t think at all. She should’ve known better, yes? The woman who quickly became the laughing stock of the Internet after wasting the time of an entire police department by keeping them on the phone for two hours, and then having them show up to Oakland’s Lake Merritt because Black people were having a BBQ in the public park–whew!–has been identified.

Allegedly, she is Dr. Jennifer Schulte, and she is somehow connected with the elite Stanford University. No doubt anyone with the title “doctor” is feeling a slight shutter right now.

This Dr. Schulte, recently deleted the LinkedIn page that identified her as a ?Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) focused in Chemical Engineering from Stanford.”

Therein may lie the only connection to the school.

I agree with NewsOne who wrote: “Sounds like Stanford should have taught her some lessons in humanity.” But folks are still speculating she may have a current connection with the school (They too must be shuttering). Is she faculty? And if so, they are demanding that she be fired.

I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for not giving a damn enough to research it, I only spend that kind of time on people I seriously want to know about.

This witch lost me at “You can’t BBQ here.”

But that’s just me. YOU guys, specifically Kevin @kevincash, did care enough to find out who she is — following a boatload of funny ass memes, that is. 

Apparently you scared the crap out of her because I hear the witch shut down her social media accounts. But beware, as you can see from my article yesterday, she’s quite an actress.

Still, folks are not hesitant to give a piece of their mind about her.

Take a look at some of the Tweets!

Seayja @Seayja wrote:

Here you go: Dr. Jennifer Shulte of @Stanford university. Don’t say a black woman never did anything for you.

While others 

Kat Littering@KatLittering 

@Stanford should immediately investigate this incident with their faculty member, Dr. Jennifer Shulte. She is an example of insensitivity, bias and everything that students shouldn’t be exposed to. She won’t represent an inclusive and respectful workplace.

oshana cat@sisQcat 

@erminsight Dr. Jennifer Shulte is a racist who prevents police from doing important work by distracting them to complain about black people at a public park.. Her video shows she is emotionally unstable. She is a shame and embarrassment to your company

Scott”Dragon Energy” Spencer wrote:

Dr. Jennifer Shulte of @StanfordUniversity is the racist woman who called the cops on the BBQ in Oakland. It is time she was unemployed. 


No doubt, should she soon be unemployed, potential employers searching for more information on her will come across some interesting news. We’re sure she is in her own private hell right now. Thing is, without even trying she has shown how every cause has an effect; some even more immediate than others. 


2 thoughts on “And She’s Out: White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Folks at BBQ Has Been ID’d”

  1. A prime example of the psych teacher in need of a psychiatrist…she should be fired and admitted to an MHMR facility. She is either a racist or just crazy…I lean toward her being a racist…just like we know who! Get out and VOTE!

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