Woman Claimed There Was a ‘Dog’s Paw’ in Her Spareribs (Look-it!)

*This video may not be new, but hit “refresh” because  its definitely repeat worthy. According to the video below, a Maryland woman is convinced that the spareribs meal she ordered at a Chinese restaurant contains a dog’s paw.

Obviously disgusted, the video she posted on Facebook shows her holding the part, and showing it from every angle as she exclaims, “This is obviously a dog’s paw.”

When she posted the video she wrote,  ?I googled a dead dog paw and took a pic of what they delivered to me. . . tell me if I?m wrong but they look exactly the same.?

The restaurant quickly defended themselves saying her claims were, ?NOT TRUE!!!!? They backed that up by including a document from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which stated that ?there is no evidence of any dog meat in this facility.?

The restaurant also stated, ?The video posted showed a piece of cartilage at the end of the ribs, which is not out of the ordinary, as cartilage exists alongside the bones, (and in this case the ribs) of meats.?

Though the woman did retract her complaint, as we all know, once something is placed on the ‘Net, it becomes immortal. People start thinking back and remembering other nasty experience claimed by folks, and researching stories that reveal things like dog meat is big in China.

Hmm…maybe she should’ve Googled photos for cartilage at the end of ribs.

Jus’ saying. 

Something like this only disgusts Americans because to us, dogs are domestic pets that we consider a part of our family. But many people both in and outside of this country are just as disgusted by the killing of cows, chickens, lambs and other animals we eat regularly, without batting an eye. Take a look at the woman’s video below.

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