The Omg Video We Never Saw Coming! See This Before Eating in Another Restaurant

Fake eggs

*There is a video out there that warns you to watch fast before its deleted. I did. Its starts out showing Vietnamese police raiding a “Fake Shrimp” factory. Cut to the various news agencies on TV talking about the steak you order from a restaurant may be held together by glue. Meat glue, to be exact, and they show you a sample where its difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate piece of steak and the one held together by glue.

The video shows cows born from cloned parents. And hold up, did you think this fake food stopped at meat? Uh-uh. They’re feeding folks fake cabbage too!

Under the heading “Fake Cabbage Coming to a Supermarket in Brooklyn” we see a woman cooking this ultra green cabbage. At one point, she takes a leaf from the vegetable and puts it directly into the fire. She says her finger is getting warm, but wallah! the cabbage stays in tact.

Fake cabbage being created in liquid.

“Food modification,” she says while showing us, “this is where we are today!”

It’s scary as hell y’all. And the way its presented it appears to already be in the stores.

Oh, and have I mentioned the plastic rice? Watch as she cooks it!

I don’t want to tell you everything. There’s so much to see on the video. If this doesn’t wake us up where processed food is concerned, what will?

See for yourself. We’re talking eggs where the yolk doesn’t change while cooking, lab grown meat being tested by a panel in London. “We can actually grow a fillet in two weeks” says one scientist as we see calves milling around in the background who have only given a smidgen of a sample.

Good Lord! Here’s the 8 minute video. Let us know what you think.

Thanks to my friend Nazarius A. for sharing!

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